DUI Advice

So here’s the situation, my friend Mitch and 2 of his buddies (I’ll call them Ray and Tom) went out last Friday to a house party. Mitch drove.

Anyway, Mitch is kind of a lightweight but they all coaxed him to drink. After 4 hours he was totally hammered and didn’t want to drive back. Mitch told them to just stay at the house party, sleep it off and drive back in the morning. Ray and Tom weren’t having any of that, so they took Mitch’s car keys and basically forced Mitch back to the car.

They put Mitch in the back seat (laying down) while Ray drove. Of course, Ray hits a fucking wall and totals the car on the highway. Mitch was still passed out, but they took them out of the car and got out. Ambulance and cops arrived and they took Mitch to the hospital. He tore his shoulder ligament and won’t be able to use the arm for a month or 2. He’ll most likely have to quit his summer internship due to the pain in his arm and chest.

Mitch got the police report and both Ray and Tom said MITCH DROVE. (Tom and Ray are close friends, Mitch doesn’t really know them THAT well.) The cops also found the keys on Mitch because Tom and Ray put the keys in Mitch’s pockets after they got out. So anyway, they’re trying to pin the DUI on Mitch.

Has anyone been in a similar situation or is Mitch in a bad spot because it was his car? He’s going to hire a lawyer to look into it and possibly talk to Ray to tell the truth, but he doesn’t know for sure what will happen next… he’s going to fight this (legally) if he can, he doesn’t want to get pinned for something he didn’t do.

…glad I don’t friend’s like Mitch

sounds like Mitch was on the right side of the law, he sue them, argue that they stole his car keys and forced him into the car, where he passed out and was later found by police. Ray and Tom won’t be his friends after this, but who would want them as friends anyway.

BTW what injuries if any did Ray and Tom receive??

He’s not sure yet, he hasn’t gotten the chance to talk to either Ray or Tom but from the report it sounds as if Tom and Ray are fine. Mitch is on the right side of the law… but he has to prove it. The first thing I told him to do was check out the car seat. Ray is like 6 feet and Mitch is like 5’5, 5’6. Since Ray drove he had to move the car seat back. Also fingerprints on the steering wheel.to help cooberate the story.

He doesn’t want their money, he just doesn’t want the DUI. Especially since he’s having a hard time getting a job (he just graduated college).

Mitch shouldn’t have drank even though he was being pressured by Ray or Tom. It’s not his fault though. Ray and Tom should be held responsible for what they did.

Just wondering have they used him in the past for rides? cash?

Mitch’s fault for hanging with shady ppl and for getting in the car.

Shouldnt the hospital report be able to establish if mitch was driving or laying in back seat? Injuries would be very different i would think

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getting a lawyer was the best thing he could do. just gonna have to see how it plays out from here

Yeah, he was under the impression that they were gonna crash at the party. But yeah, these 2 fuckers are going down. And the doctors said it was very unlikely that he would have injured his shoulder if he was driving. No traces of whiplash on him and his clothes have no residue from the air bags. Although they haven’t seen the car yet, so I’m not sure if the airbags deployed… but most likely they did. The doctors also found no seat belt marks on him, which is common for drunk driving accidents. He took pictures of his body.

Not really sure how he got wrapped up with the 2 guys. He rarely hangs out with them and they only play bball together. Not really sure why he decided to go to a party with them…

  1. Don’t say a word other than that they got his keys and he didn’t drive.
  2. Get a lawyer.
  3. Let the other two guys talk themselves into jail.

Also, if there were any witneses that could testify that they saw Ray and Tom take the keys from Mitch that would be great. And I’m pretty sure a physician can tell whether or not his injuries could have been caused from the driver’s seat or not.

How long was Mitch in jail for?

best legal argument is going to center around the injuries sustained by Mitch. a good lawyer will get the doctors to provide a written statement in regards to what position Mitch was in for the injuries, because as others have said you would get very different injuries in an accident depending on which seat you were in, if you were laying down and, whether you were passed out or not.

but yeah, lawyer up.

dude. tell Mitch he needs to hire a lawyer. and if that shit don’t work out, hire a hitman. cause what the fuck

Lawyer up, and don’t fall for peer pressure bullshit. Don’t have shady friends.

better hope there are some witnesses that saw the other 2 driving/in the front seat.

Thats some fucked up shit! Is he gonna beat those fools? Fuck that, they would be payin’ for my motherfuckin’ car too.

What I’m curious about is why he is friends with those two losers in the first place? Jesus christ.

Well they got a lawyer, but everything is supposed to be cool cause Ray is gonna confess to everything. Mitch’s lawyer talked to their lawyer, and he accepts full responsibility. Mitch originally thought it was just a small crash, but when they looked at the car, it was fucking totaled and almost unrecognizable. He was lucky to be alive since he wasn’t even wearing a seat belt.

This was Ray’s story: they all got out of the car, in case it bursted into flames or someshit but he doesn’t remember putting keys in Mitch’s pocket. Cops and ambulance came, took Mitch to the hospital - he didn’t do any jail time but they took his license away. Cops questioned Ray and Tom and according to Ray the cops threw them both on the ground, handcuffed them and verbally abused them. They let them go because the cops got a call about a homicide in the area. Ray came out with a broken ankle and a fucked up scrape on his chest. No one gives a shit about Tom. Seems to me that he was the one that gave Ray the bright idea about the key thing, but I can’t really say.

Mitch is gonna send me pics of the car tomorrow… but seriously thank god no one died. And thankfully Ray is doing the right thing by confessing.

Also, I hear Ray might not get a DUI cause the cops never tested to see if Ray was drunk. They just assumed Mitch was the driver and ambulance rushed him to the hospital. Just hopefully Mitch can get the DUI cleared…

And I ask myself the same question… he just graduated college and things were looking good cause he landed an internship, but he decides to hang out with these 2 degenerates. I don’t know man… smh.

My DUI was a single car roll over
I am not the new DK, I must defeat Shen long… :smiley:
Mine happened about a year ago give or take a month and a day

1 get a lawyer Phone around to see which is good!
2. Yall fucking lucky, they didnt test, thats fuckin awesome
3. Send your lawyer shit to prove that your not a Hooligan
4. Offer to take council (groupe, education, w/e, dui program) classes (boring and stupid people, base heads, but interesting at the same time with some hot girls, hahaha)
5. Lesson learned?

Do it again next weekend
or when you’re allowed to go out again :smiley:

Lucky they didnt test, they shouldn’t be able to prove anything about a DUI
tell them you DInD’t drink!
whoever is gonna confess, YOU DinD’T DRINK! haha

looks like you are gettin a hell of a story to tell people and help them avoid this!

Hey, often times you know that people are bad but you chill with them anways
Who knows how bad they really are and if this is just a a fuck up in their lives…
It sucks because here in AZ, a DUI can ruin your professional career

…Have you been drinking, sir?

No but it adds to the text

I know SRK is very professional and excels in the fields of business communication, proper syntax, and the ever popular art of being an asshole.

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Mitch needs to lawyer up and start getting evidence from the party, including gathering witnesses if that’s possible.

…Never mind, just read the rest of the thread.