Duke Nukem Forever drops in 2011!

Duke Nukem Forever is Not Bulls–t - Xbox 360 Preview at IGN

Holy Shit!

It begins…

Man I played the fuck outta duke nukem 3d. I loved the Build engine, the other game I played the fuck out of was Blood, which of course runs on the same engine.

so at last it’s coming…heh I’ve waited this long to play it…I’ll still keep waiting. :tup:

The unthinkable has happened, Duke Nukem Forever has a street date, May 3rd in the USA. Im stoked! The new trailer today was great!

When a copy is in my hands, all shrink wrapped and pretty I will believe it.

Until then, it’s “When it’s done” as per usual.

I was going to post this in the other duke nukem thread but meh this came up first

[media=youtube]1-b78TKZIyw&feature=player_embedded[/media] :rock::rock:

Fuck you i am not getting trolled!

That new trailer just exudes manliness… thought no more trailers were coming out until release date, gotta keep the hype up…

the trailer looks fucking sweet

That’s just not right. It’s too soon. I read this and instantly thought: hey, I was expecting a game that would ring in the apocalypse. Now you’re telling me it’s coming out a year and a half too soon to do this? Now all I foresee is a game that’ll end up just being underwhelming considering the development time backing it. :bluu: