Duluth, GA SF3 Third Strike and HDRemix Cash Tournament - 1/31/09

**Tournament - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike(PS2) & SF2 HDRemix(PS3)
When: Saturday, Jan 31, 2009
Where: 3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 128 Duluth, GA 30096
Website: www.wabagame.com
Phone: 678-417-9222
E-Mail: wabagames@yahoo.com

Registration: Starts at 2:00 PM.
Tournament: Starts at 3:00 PM.

Door Fee: $10. (includes access to other games for casual play)
Entry Fee: $10 for each tournament.
Pot Split: 70/20/10. (100% of pot $ goes to winners)

Tournament Rules:

Double Elimination.
Best out of 3 Matches except in semi-finals and finals (best out of 5 matches).
Winning player must keep the same character, but can change super art’s. The losing player can choose a new character.
Gill is banned in tournament play
The in-game judgment feature “WILL NOT” determine the outcome of draw games. You will have to play another 2/3 match to determine a “TRUE” winner!

Pre-Registered Gamers:

  1. Metalmike31216 3s/HDremix
  2. Wontonx 3s/HDremix
  3. Madara Itachi 3s/HDremix
  4. Desu 3s/HDremix
  5. OldBoy HDremix
  6. GA Peach 3s/HDremix
  7. Sleepy K 3s
  8. Oukamikenji 3s/HDremix
  9. Nati2Atl 3s/HDremix
  10. 1HitParry 3s
  11. SaiRyo HDremix
  12. SerpentWave HD Remix

:lovin:**Waba is making access to the new Tournament Training Center FREE!
-Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will be FREE to play from 2pm to midnight.
That’s right Wabagamers! It’s true! **

:wgrin: What do you need to do:

  1. You MUST be registered on our website and forums (http://www.wabagame.com).
  2. You MUST post on the Waba Forums at least once a week.
  3. Try to post when you are coming to Waba.
  4. Follow all rules and regulations that may apply.
  5. BYOC:Bring Your Own Controller
    -If you do NOT have a controller (arcade stick) or forget to bring one
    -you may rent a controller from Waba for a $2 fee for the day

:wgrin:**That’s it folks, it’s that easy! Another step in building a better gaming community in our area. Thank you in advance for your support. Come Play With Us! **:rofl:

Rules for 3rd Strike:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Ps2 English version

Winning player must keep the same character, but can change super art’s. The losing player can choose a new character.
Gill is banned in tournament play
The in-game judgment feature “WILL NOT” determine the outcome of draw games. You will have to play another 2/3 match to determine a “TRUE” winner!

Rules for HDRemix:
Winner keeps same character. Loser may change characters/

I’m going to enter the HDRemix Tournament, because I use to play SF2 back in the day. Third Strike, I will leave for the younger generation fighters, because I will get raped! I’m getting my groove back (a little) playing Remix, but I have a long way to go. It’ll be interesting to see how I measure up with the rest of the people. Hope to see some of you there. If things go well, Waba will hold 2D monthlies with SF4 added in March. SF4 is going to be sick!

I’m with y’all and I’m gonna do some recruiting…

We need to get a lot more people on this… If we put an added bonus that the winner gets to check out my boobies…Wonder if that would help attendance?

I actually might not come if thats my prize…

I will give the winner a shot of Grey Goose Vodka and a option to feel up wontonx’s boobies. lol. No joke, this will actually happen. Vodka and maybe some unwanted gayness. That alone should be reason to show up!

Mike, you gotta make sacrifices to grow the scene… Come on :wgrin:

I’ll probably be here to give away my $10 for HD Remix.
Someone needs to teach me how to actually play 'gief, though.
And if someone steps up to teach me 3S, I might give that a shot too.

I’m interested. I’ll probably come?

I’ll make it to this one… I’ve actually been playing the HD remix but sign me up for both games

You are welcome to come by my place for training. I’ll teach you some gief and some 3s.

Anyone live near Riverdale, need to get some training b4 this event, trying get back into 3S, i play a little HD Remix, i have it on 360, but thats not my game

Waba has some great snacks, drinks, and cup ramen for hungry gamers. You can get food delivered free from TomTom pizza. They have great pizzas with fresh ingredients at a fair price. $7.99 for a one topping large delivered free. We use to order a lot from Papa Johns across the street, but TomTom blows Papa Johns away. You can also order subs, gyros, wings, and kabobs for $4.99each delivered free to Waba. Come eat, drink, and fight at Waba.

After realizing that some peeps that go to this go to my school, sign me up.
3S and… I guess HD too. Why not?

Is HD going to be the remixed mode or classic? And I don’t have an Xbox stick, and there is no way I can play on an xbox pad. Can I borrow someone’s stick? :confused:

I checked out TomTom and that pizza is bomb shit. It makes me feel sexy :lovin:

as for the 360 stick… I have a ps2 stick and a usb adapter… Don’t know if it works but I am bringing my extra stick in case anyone needs it. Bring everyone you can. We need a Gwinnett area community badly…

I thought we were playing HDRemix on PS3

Waba’s Tournament Training center is almost complete! “WTF is that?”, you might ask. Waba Game has a 4,000 sq/ft space for table tennis next door to it and we are using half the space for fighting games training and tournaments. A place to learn, teach, compete, and grow as a community of gamers. We’ll have a stage platform for main events and finals in tournaments with a projector to showcase matches. I would like to invite SRK peeps to come check it out next Thursday the 22nd. If you preregister on this thread, you will get 40% off the door fee. Normally it’s only $5 from 2pm to midnight, but if you preregister, it will only be $3! It will be the perfect time to meet and train for IC3 and FRXII.

Just as a bonus, we’ll have a Third Strike Tournament for fun. The winner will play me for a chance to take home a very rare factory sealed copy of Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition (for Genesis). I suck at Third Strike, so who ever wins the tournament will win the game for sure, but just added fun drama to beat on a noob like me. I hope you guys can make it and preregister to get your discount and come play with us!

I have to work till 11PM that night. Wasn’t I going to buy that Genesis copy though lol?

Mike, you gotta come on the 22nd to train, compete and win this “very rare factory sealed SFIIsce”. Don’t let some other guy take this game home. You gotta come. Take a sick day or try to cut out early or something. Third Strike training! I told you the other day I might give you a chance to win this game from me and get it FREE. This is your chance, you know you want to. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, your right! Believe it!