Dumb assists.

EDIT: I changed up the title to allow for all the other dumb assists nobody knows are beast.

This is gonna be a dedicated to the oddball assists that utilize characters’ normals rather than special moves. I think most everybody ignores these, but upon hearing that VDO was beasting with Bonerine Ground type, I checked out a bunch of them and they are useful/broken in a lot of circumstances.

A general pro across the board is that the recall timing for these is quick-- somewhere in the range of Spiral or Son’s projectile types, fast-- so you can work ground or tri-jump strings for block pressure, integrate something like Bonerine Ground (s.HP) for more block-stun, then set-up another hi-lo strike.

Wolverine(s) is the king of using these assists as far as I can tell; he can delay his standing magic series subtly to allow time to recall the normal assist, and cr.HK makes up disgusting ground in the face of push-block. He can call helper, do j. uf LP, HP overhead expecting a block, then play games from the other side, potentially getting another free setup with assist. Layers on top of layers.

With Son-son, I was able to do repeated normal jump AD, quick magic series ending with j.HP with Bonerine ground type covering most of the counterable spaces.

Iceman can call one of the launcher assists, sj. upback LP overhead, d.HP iceball, cancel to qcf K iceball, then work off of the stun.

I was able to get workable block strings out of some of the clunkier characters as well. Jin was interesting with O.Red Ground type (s.Hk), he gets to overhead light hit, HK drill down and work off of stun frames.

Even Magnus launcher assist starts to sound scary on MSP when both storm and psylocke get to extend their ground strings, and Storm with that much plus frame advantage already is just plain scary to me.

hmm, time to try some of those.

gambits launcher type is fairly beastly. iirc, its the same hitbox as his c.fp as a point character but not 100% positive. That move in general has insane priority. Gotta love that “weapon” range.

and I was on the receiving end of VDO’s beat downs with that wolvie assist. Who knew it would really work like that? shit was tough to deal with because it does make for good +frames. A prime example of never looking anything unless you try it.

^^^ Definitely putter around with them, you’ll get hit with waves of new possibility-- theses things are pretty much virgin territory after all these years.

I just assumed that the hitboxes would be the same, but I guess thats dangerous territory in Mahbull. Most of these do bum damage, but Bonerine does a healthy chunk.

Put together the list of these ‘Normal’ assist types:

Sent: s.HK Launcher
Colossus: s.HK Launcher
O. Red: cr.HK
Sil-Sam: cr.HP Launcher
Thanos: MP (?) Launcher
Venom: cr.HP Launcher
Gambit: cr. HP
Sabertooth: cr.HP Launcher
Spiral: s.HP
Tron: s.MK (nobody will use this :looney:)
Jin: s.MP (?) Launcher
Mag: cr.HP Launcher
Bonerine: s.HP, cr. HP; s.HK (?? i forget)

something like that.

Iirc, doesn’t Tron’s aaa almost do as much damage as her proj assist? Though it still sucks as an aa…

Also, Silver Sam’s c.Hp assist has nasty range. I remember mocking a friend’s team of BB.Hood/SilverSam/Sent and fooling around with this some time ago. The range on his launcher sure makes up for BB’s lack of range on her own. Also, used at the right time, it can serve as an anti-air. Not bad.

Sent’s s.Hk launcher definitely thwarts tri-jumpers somewhat for they will always either trade with or just hit Sent. Only thing is, it’s a little weird to respond to if you didn’t combo it in…

Spiral’s ground-type? This is no mystery with it’s sheer ‘holding’ power.

What practical uses do you see for the others ecz?

Basically, just don’t try to combo off of them, and they all start to make sense. It’s all about the positive frame advantage-- you want them to block so that you get a free hi-lo mixup.

Learn with Wolvie/Bonerine Ground, because IMO vdo seems to have figured out the model for how you can use these to your advantage. Set up dummy on all block and do dash in magic series ending with cr. HK and call Bonerine so that his HP hits after the cr.HK. This gives you additional block stun, and you can do dash LP, pause, dashing magic series, cr. HK. Mess with the assist layering and you can get a roughly repeatable series of block strings plus assist. Or course they can mess with you with pushblock, but cr. HK is wily and gains you back a lot of range.

Without having seen him firsthand or in vids from this past FR, I can’t comment on VDO’s specific stylings, but generally it seems like theres a lot wolvie can do with these types of assists.

To a lesser extent Felicia can run some similar tricks with her dp+LP move because it gets a little bit of forward momentum. Its basically a short dash that you can cancel from a blocked normal.

So basically, my approach to these helper types is that you can take advantage of extra Fierce-caliber hit stun within a blocked chain, to set up a new block chain that will either
A) hit them on mixup, or
B) set up another shot on a block chain plus helper that gets you back to your option A.

hope that helps

Point had better have a good mix-up and sense of timing, because, versus most popular teams, one slip up and double snapback city. I’m with ya though.

^^ oh yeah, Tron AAA doesn no where near as much life as Proj.

also, ur right about snap, but thats a threat no matter what team you run. This shit works though.

Here’s a little squad I put together based on the principle of mucho block-stun duos. The chemistry is there if you play for strictly hi-lo and x-up mixups.

Felicia (Variety?-- dp+K) / Psy (Proj.) / Bonerine (Ground)

Felicia/Bonerine: dashing magic series, b+HK piano call Bonerine xx dp+LP, relayer

Felicia/Psy: runs the same trick just about

Psy/Bonerine: dashing magic series, b+HK piano call Bonerine, hold forward to x-up, relayer

Psy/Felicia: same shit, but you can also j. uf HK to cross over and relayer

Bonerine/Felicia: Bonerine is mad flexible here. Sometimes you want to j. uf LK, HP overhead to crossup, other times you can trip juggle with cr. LK, cr. MP, cr. HK under, then relayer with late pressure from Felicia.

Really fun low-tier. So funny how you can create that Yipes-like MSP stun-management with random hobos on your team. God tier minus Magneto is officially dead to me.

Random low tier assists that can create workable stun:

Jugg Ground-- afaik its pretty big stun
Felicia Variety-- hits early and long
Gief Ground-- good stun and holding power on hit
CapCom Variety? whatever his qcf K assist is-- similar to felicia
most AAAs on block-- AAAs that land on the other side create sandwich pins

pretty much anything gets stun obviously, but these are particularly interesting

lol. I used that Felicia assist once in replacement of CC aaa with Santhrax. Not half as versatile, but still fun.

with felicia, instead of dp+p, its actually better to use qcf+LP to gain back your ground since you can alter the range to keep on top of push block.

Ken - Expansion is always beastly.

its been a while since i posted here lol

Omega Red’s Anti air assist (Omega strike) is beastly - works great with storm’s standing Hp - and it combos mid screen.
Also good when storm lands a Hailstorm - do AD df Lk, s HP and assist - Hail again.

Seconded. lol I remember using this assist in the arcade once to enhance my shoto OTG/Aerial Rave game. lol Good times :slight_smile:

It sorta let me play a different kind of shoto. Gouki-exp/Ryu-aa/Ken-exp. It really helps in the offensive department simply because Ken totally kicks through that area ‘above’ the opponent’s head, preventing jump-backs. If they did jump back, it allowed me to wave dash and catch the guard-break. Little nifty, but FAR from major. :rofl: