Dumb criminals. The Thread


Some people are just too damn dumb to be criminals. This thread is where you can put your stories about said people.



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He kept it real on Facebook…


That dude that pulled a gun on me on the train and tried to rob me and got sent flying from one end of the train car to the next. What a dumbass.


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:rofl: Buckethead was my favorite. second was the ones who arsoned themselves.

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There’s a lot of stupid shit on those crime-related shows you see on Oxygen and TruTv, ID, etc… one that came to mind immediately was this guy that killed an elderly woman at home. This guy then took the time to eat some candy right there at the scene of the crime…it was something like a Reese’s or Twix or some other candy bar. The funny thing was that he tossed one of the wrappers on the bed in the same room as the victim’s body. Bam you just left some great DNA evidence at the scene, you dope. That wasn’t the end of it, of course… he continued eating more of it on his way back to the pick-up truck, and surprise surprise-- same wrapper on the seat of the truck. Also, the truck was stuck for awhile in a muddy spot so there was his shoe-print and tire tracks right there. There’s probably other details I’m forgetting. I’m sure that most officers, detectives and others in law enforcement are thankful that MOST criminals happen to be incredibly stupid and sloppy…it makes their jobs that much easier.

People that post incriminating photos of themselves on Facebook though…that’s a new level of foolishness there. Why in the world would they think for even 3 seconds that’s a good idea? OF COURSE you’re getting caught if you broadcast things like that over the internet.


There’s a story about some teenagers that were able to burglarize celebrities from tracking them on Facebook/etc. The targets basically broadcasted when they were going to leave their homes, which allowed the cunning dipshits to scout the area and break in. One of the victims is Paris Hilton, which I find really hilarious for some reason. :rofl:

But of course, they couldn’t resist and just had to show off everything they stole. The authorities were soon able to tie everything together and arrest them. The whole story is called “Bling Ring”


Oh and that’s another stupid thing right there… I remember finding out from that story that Paris was an easy target because she left a key to the house right there on the porch…it was under a welcome mat or something like that. Really, who in the world that ISN’T a character in an old tv sitcom or soap opera does that shit? WHY would you leave a key to the house on top of the door or under the mat, or somewhere else on the porch? It was seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. OF COURSE someone broke in. What is even the purpose of leaving the key out there? Why not have expected guests like friends and family that you trust just have a copy of the key on them? It makes no sense no matter how you look at that.

Another funny thing is that one of the girls from the “Bling Bling” crew or whatever it was called…she happened to be on an E! reality show at the time.


See, that right there is what you’d call a “happy accident”.


Too bad they didn’t get Perez Hilton. Even gay people hate his annoying ass.


I think I was in basic training in the Air Force with that dude. “McDonald”, his last name was.


:rofl: I wonder if he got the rest of his hair cut yet?



:lol: looks like a mugshot from High School High.