Dumb question regarding Chun Li and tournaments

I did a search and couldn’t find a thread, though I’m sure this has been asked. I’m sure this is a dumb question, and feel free to point out how wrong I am. I’m not raging about Chun or Chun players, I’m just posing a question:

Why isn’t Chun Li banned in Tournaments?

It’s common knowledge that she is the best character in the game. She’s really easy to use. Does tons of damage and has tons of priority. And can completely destroy the mid-tier characters if both players are on the same level. And she has one mean Turtle Game. It would make sense to ban her, if anything to promote a more diverse tournament, so the top 5 players won’t be just Chun, Chun, Yun, Yun, and the odd Ryu or Makoto.

QQ from a noobie?

She can be beat.

It’s been proven many times. On videos.

Not just by high-mid like Dudley and Urien, but also mid to low tier like Hugo and Q.

And you know, people really seem to like to blow Chun’s strengths way out of proportion. I mean, she has insane positives and very few negatives, but those negatives can be exploited nasty. When she has no meter, she’s nothing except for poking and throwing. She can be juggled easier than most characters, she has probably the slowest wakeup in the game, she DOES take damage pretty bad(just not as much as the Twins or Ibuki).

And also, banning Chun would just be bad for the community straight out. She’s the best, but how is banning her going to help the players get any better? Besides, people are then just going to complain about Yun or Ken more than before. They may not be as overpowering as Chun, but you know how retarded the majority can be.