Dumb stuff you fell for


First of all, I was unsure where to post this thread. I believe that the Dojo is the best place for it, because I consider this a noob problem. But I’m happy if any of the mods decide to move it and apologize for misinterpreting the rules.

Lately I’ve been losing matches by being to dumb to respond to dumb stuff. Example: I’ve lost 2 Rounds after bodying a Gold Ryu player (Me = Nash) in the first round. Both rounds where close, but he managed to trick me with 3!! neutral jumps after he knocked me down hard. That was so unexpected to me, that I ate a full combo after that. Wasn’t even mad, just laughed hard at myself.

How do you manage such situations better? What are the dumbest things you’ve lost to and what are appropriate responds to such shenanigans?


Dumbest things I still end up losing to are wake up super, empty jump low and Ken’s grounded tatsu cross.

Wake up super sucks because it works the best when I’m playing one of those guys that never uses ANY EX meter at all, never blocks on wake up, and then they just blow it all on the super way later in the match. Empty jump low is the oldest trick in the book but still get hit by it too often. Ken’s cross up tatsu has such an obvious start up and a very seeable animation, but just get hit by it because it looks so awkward.

Just try to keep myself aware of the options and remind myself in my head before I fight.


Yeah wake up supers will always be a trap regardless of the game. Funny thing is, when somebody pulls that off against me, I’ll often try to land that myself. Which doesn’t work.


Empty jump grab seems to do it against me


Another dumb thing: Playing on tilt. I just can’t stop playing till I’ve lost more than I can handle (not points directly, just the matches).




It’s not “dumb” its just progress as you learn. If you were to learn a new equation in math, you might make a mistake, repeatedly. Instead of looking at it as “dumb” (it’s really not), view at as a learning experience and keep on.


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Main thing is walk-up throws. Somehow I’ve actually gotten worse at teching them. :angry:


What is worse, to fall for dumb stuff or to get caught doing dumb stuff by the opponent?

Most notorious silly trick I remember is getting knocked down by Dudley, they throw a victory rose and OMG IT’S COMING FROM ABOVE I MUST BLOCK HIGH…

Nice crouching LK into full combo into dizziness.

EDIT: yeah missed crouching on that last sentence.


That feel when, you see a comment like this.


Nah, disagree on this one. If you can’t react to jump ins and anti-air properly, that’s something you can learn. I’m specifically talking about stuff that shouldn’t work on players that are playing Fighting Games for a longer time, but you still fall for.

You sir may have delivered the most appropriate analogy for what I’m talking about. Thanks for that.


The walk of death gets everyone occasionally. The walking way further than you should have let them into a throw maybe with a quick chicken block thrown in at one point. Shit just means you got mind gamed into expecting a poke. This works better for characters who dominate your character in the neutral so you are scared to counter poke them.


Me buying SF5


Nash’s overhead, again…and again… and again… and… oh I’m dead.


Wake-up Supers, hitting a Ken/Ryu out of midair only to eat an EX-DP as soon as we hit the ground, and Jab -> Short -> Grab. THEY JUST WALK IN AND GRAB, MAN.
I swear– I’m smarter than this…


“SFV is a good game”


Wake up super (Fuck you, Nash)
Ken tatsu crossup
Getting hit with random tatsu’s period
Empty jump shoryuken (I really got hit with this shit bruh)
Hit with bloody rain after blocking another Vega’s V-Trigger
Getting hit with Karin’s overhead follow up after blocking MK Mujin Kyaku
Getting hit low after blocking full screen Ressenha
EX spinning mixer after blocking LP spinning mixer

That last one I did a lot in my Bronze days. So when I got hit with that shit, I was like “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!!!” then I shook my head cause I used to do that shit all the time.


Here’s one that got me. Birdie does cr. LP 4 times. I’m sitting there thinking “Ok when’s he gonna get pushed out?” Turns out after 4 he’s at the perfect range for a dolphin dive <.<