Dumb thing I asked as a dumb kid

Some of the people in here dont want to hear that. Even when presented with facts, people are so used to eating this stuff that when you speak down about it, some people take it as if it’s some kind of personal attack. Of course, if you had presented this topic with a different tone, half of those comments wouldn’t be here.

I still eat fast food myself, even after being aware of the stuff they put in there and the methods they use. Call it complacency perhaps.

Because I like to do things i enjoy before I die. No sense living forever having not enjoyed myself. Picking up a McDouble here an there after work isn’t going to shave off a large enough amount of my life for me to care. It’s the diaper years anyway.

actually no its not. Its bad when its consumed in excess. As with anything.

WTF, are you dumb or something. Kosher don’t mean shit. Kosher animals aren’t treated any better than regular animals. Stop drinking that Jew kool aid.

No, they are up and running because it taste’s better than you think. You don’t see asparagus and brussel sprouts joints on every corner for a reason.

come on kid,

its all about taste. Why do you think kids love that shit and they are so popular. Why do you think its a multi-billion dollar industry. There’s a reason why we have so many fast food places on every corner instead of a Brussels sprouts and asparagus joints on every corner.

What? Son, you live in a world in which people give blow jobs and eat vaginas. You think because something is nasty it negates any sort of pleasure people can gain from it? Combined with the fact that some people want fast results and really don’t give a damn…

Its just quick and cheap. Thats why its a multi-billion dollar industry. Also almost anything taste better than brussels sprouts and asparagus.

This is a silly way of thinking, seriously. I hate to come off this way, but this kind of mentality is just plain ol’ silly. He’s not talking about cigs and beer for one. And two, just because there are other unhealthy products out there, it shouldn’t be used as a means to justify there being more products. That’s like me being arrested once, getting out, getting arrested again and saying “well I got arrested before no biggy”

Then why were you asking if people being uniformed has anything to do with it. then once i support that, you say it’s all about taste? are you trying to have a discussion or just bumping your gums? If you think advestising has nothing to do with it, then either you haven’t been paying atention in class, ignored some of your teacher’s points, or your teacher hasn’t gotten to that part yet. It’s not simply all about taste. Btw I’m 25 years old, son

Lol dude, you better have a vegan diet and never have touched a speck of white sugar or high fructose corn syrup in your life.

Or are you just uninformed/love slowly killin yourself?

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are you fucking stupid??? I didn’t start the thread son.

as with anything bad doesn’t = death. Sugar is bad for you but we still eat it when we eat fruits. Stop being so black and white about issues.

I would know because ive done research into the scam of kosher food. They aren’t treated better. All kosher is know is a way for the jewish community to make a shit ton of money. Do you know how much money Coca-Cola shells out to a Rabbi to make thier coke Kosher?

If they where really treated better my friend would still be eating meat. But he doesn’t because he knows that those animals are still treated like shit. The whole Kosher thing is a front for the Jewish church to make bank.

No they are up and running because it tastes good. People like it enough to eat it. And I hope to god you don’t eat sausage, ham, ground meats, etc. Because its all the left over shit left from processing and ground up into a tasty meat smoothie.

You do realize the calorie count is from that large package of dressing you put on that salad right??? Im sure a strapping young lad like you new that.

So this is less a topic asking a question in order to understand and more a “I like talking down to people who don’t live like i do” topic then? Good to know.

Ok, I MAY have written this a bit like that and I kinda see how people would take it that way. It was unintentional. I’m osrry if anyone is offended. I don’t often post in general type forums.

Ok, advertisement IS a huge part of it.Like, MAJOR. I can’t see why a kid would want to eat in those places if not for advertisement.

not as stupid as someone so oblivious as to say, “it’s not as bad as you think”. Someone who’s looked into the situation wouldn’t make such misguided statements.

My bad I got you mixed up with the sheep

It’s always a personal line between time, money, taste, and convenience.
Some value certain things over the other, and thats all there is to it.

The guys over at epic meal time would rip your guts out through your ass for this thread.

What’s the difference? It all comes out the same when you’re done.

That is a fair point. Thanks for adding something sensible. I hink that we need to change though. Me too. I eat WAY too much junk food. I’ll own up to it. Probably not the best idea to eat peanut butter(even though it’s “natural”) and Nutella so often but to put it in the same league as fast food would be a stretch.

Let 'em try!! We’re talking about Marvel 3 right?

yes you know more than my doctor right. Eating a Famous star every once in a while equates to death. Where did you get your M.D btw.

ITT Tech?? University of Phoenix???

and the Japanese ensure it goes in the same way once it comes out.

OP has never been to a fighting game tournament either… cus it’s impossible to go to one and not have fast food at some point in the day.