Dumbass thug shoots baby in stroller in the face



No words to describe this. Especially for a random act of violence like this


Electric chair IMO… He should not be eating his meals in prison off of tax money.


I know I am not the only one loled… :bz

so fucked up its kinda funny


Naw send him to jail. Inmates love child killers, he’ll fit riiiiight in.


life in solitary confinement. Let him be driven slowly insane to the point where he’s eating his own feces.


I logged in from work to say fuck this. They should fucking take those two kids and make an example of them. Execute them immediately. You wanna fucking go around shooting at mothers and their babies? This is what happens. Behead them in public. People will stop doing shit like this REAL quick.


the age of every kid involved is so fucking sad to me.
this country is on the ropes


This story sounded quite odd/questionable when it first came out, but guess it turned out to be true.

Fucked up is all I can say.


Personal journal entry: The time machine worked! So many thoughts racing through my head- so many possibilities. I can’t lose my focus…


Worst punishment imaginable.

Solitary confinement with a single droplet of water landing on the bridge of the nose every 3 seconds for a long time.

To soft a punishment imo.


What the fuck???


This shit sounds like a violent gang slaying… I bet that this chick was involved with drugs… Not saying that these people don’t deserve a harsh punishment… but I think she might have created the circumstances that led to her baby boy’s death. It doesn’t sound like she was the victim of a ‘on a whim’ robbery. It sounds more like she owed money and they were going to have her suffer some consequences for non-payment.

Her 18 year old was a scumbag that tried to ambush somebody with a butcher knife and got the tables flipped on his ass… idk, she just doesn’t come off as the responsible parent type…


^Doesn’t matter. Baby was shot. Shoot the mother and let the kid live.


“Two African American boys one of them was about 15” Woman
"I’m gonna kill you if you don’t give me your money" Boy
"I swear I don’t have any" Woman

Her child gets shot.

These two teens knew exactly what they were doing when they murdered that kid. They should be tried as adults. Or better yet, find out who they are and post their names and pictures online.


The 17 yo name and picture are in a video on that article.


Second story I heard about something like this, another one over here recently too.



I read this in the paper today. A small part of me died.


I suggest a beating to death by the collective black community…or just 1 guy chosen as a champion/executioner.


Cruel and unusual punishment would be a great idea, imo… some people might actually be joking or just not serious when they say things like that…but I’d truly like to see the harsh old forms of justice brought back, specifically for the most despicable examples of humanity out there… throw them in a Brazen Bull, or perhaps have them drawn in quarter, where 4 horses run in opposite directions to rip them apart… set up public executions that are broadcast on pay-per-view…or perhaps in a downtown area so people can see it live(ha) and in person. I’d definitely go to those events.

Jodi Arias came to mind as one of those people as well… have her “broken on the wheel”, or perhaps burned at the stake like the old days of the witch trials. Smug criminal asswipes like that wouldn’t have those smarmy little smiles on their faces anymore as they are roasted to death…and it would make a lot more future would-be criminals think it over before getting too far out of line.


It does make me wonder though just how different this situation would’ve played out if the races were reversed.

A couple of white boys shooting a black baby in the face? Here comes the NAACP and Al Sharpton.