Dumbest smart idea you can think of


Besides this thread.

Overwatch fighting game.













There’s already a Tracer skin mod for Cammy.


groping the applebees waitresses—that’s not even your idea doo doo dick

(the waitresses one was, u can take alll the credit)

stay waterboarded by jack bauer


Crowd funding the highest payoff Smash Tournament of all time.

…on Evo weekend.


Crowdfunding to remove smash from evo


That’s not a dumb idea though.


Besides shit thread

Bleeding Sf2 Deejay


Capcom wanting SFHDR to be more than a game patch.


That’s what I said.



No we get the money still, but smash is booted


Stuffing pizza crust with hotdog, fucking genius until you look at the calorie count.


Calories? What are those?



Evo gets the money my way, too.

And the ass-smelling mouth-breathers flock to the other venue instead, for better payouts.

9:1 match up, with the only losses being voluntary donations.


Ogrewatch, overwatch with shrek characters


Mario FPS. You shoot turtle missiles, mushroom machine gun, flower flame thrower.


Padded pants with extendable carbon fiber chair legs so you can sit anywhere!


I was GOING to say:

Super Mariotroid.

You know you want this.


Simpsons Did it.




fucking joolander

make an entire topic for 1 picture stgolen from a korean weibo webz

and ask for ideas and other people to do soemthing with your weakass topic

low tier topic on that jack frost swbeta sega genesis games matchmaking cuck stuff

Sounds like that idea of airbags for seniors to save them from falls picture I found once.