Dumbest thing you've heard/seen recently (on TV). Random Spoilers

I know TV is TV, but sometimes things are stupid enough break through that filter.

I decided to rewatch some eps Season 6 of Dexter. “WHY?!”, you might ask. Boredom. Also, I skipped around eps my first time without watching the little moments in between. I guess I wanted to see more.
Anyway. I started off watching Get Gellar and ran across… the title to this thread, basically.

the dumb thing

[details=Spoiler]During the episode, Dexter makes plans to get Travis (Gellar’s assistant) a new life after Gellar is caught. When Harry’s ghost asks him why he’s helping instead of killing Travis, Dexter responds that it’ll make him a better father.

I wish to almighty fuck I had seen that on my first watchthrough. I would have stopped right there. Okay, even before the ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING plot twist at the end, Travis was an accomplice to several very gruesome murders. How the fuck does letting him go make you a better person, much less father? I checked out on the damn SERIES when I heard that. I was a little hype to see what would happen this year, but the mind behind that can’t create goodness. I’m strictly reading episode summaries from now on.

What are your latest “fuck that shit” moments from TV? I mean that latest, by the way. I bet we could go on all day if we talked about them all.

I’m assuming youtube is not counted yes?

You assume correctly; youtube’s too easy. You could fill a stupidity quota for the year just by looking at those “reply girl with big tits” videos.