Dumbest things another player said after a lost to you



dumbest things a player has said to you after losing to you.

“lagging the match using ur mic? Pathetic”

full green bars. no lag. my fios.
mega funny. had to save the replay but i don’t wanna put them on blast since they do use these gen forums. but they are definitely a fraud.
also claimed to not know me and that i never beat him before. have older replays of me trolling him and hes literally talked to me on forum in here. not as if my name is different. this dudes crazy.


Don’t remember who said it but back in Super I received a message something along the lines of…

“The only reason you have 20K is because Gen is silently top tier. Plus no one knows how to play vs him. You suck and turtle so much”

it was something like that. About the turtle part. He was confusing my back n forth footsies with turtling.


Just last week I played a Rose player and it literally came down to the wire. He decides to throw out a random super and i catch him with my ultra. Then he sends me a message, and I quote:

“Haha you are so lame. You only won because the momentum of the game was so slow. Stupid turtling bitch”

  1. I’m using Rog, a charge character. You have to charge his moves before you can use them so some turtling will happen…
  2. I’m not a noob that does attacks randomly for the sake of making the game more interesting.I actually think of a strategy and change it towards what my opponent does.
  3. He was using Rose and doing nothing but throwing out Soul Sparks and running away, and he claims that I was making the game slow? Pssh. Get outta here.


You must’ve seen this is the Recent Activity :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah lol and I just recently experienced something that fit perfectly for the topic so I just clicked on it.


I’ve never received any hate comments and I’m surprised how PC SSFIVAE community is nice most of the time. I usually receive friendly comments like “nice gen”, “kudos for playing with gen” or “gen is weird”, “don’t know what to do against gen :(”.

Only once I received a hate message after beating a high PP/BP Rufus, with Seth and Gen. Both matches involve me constantly resetting combos and doing mixups so he must have been frustrated. Message was “Fuck you and your gimmicks.”

Another one was, “Now Gen’s punches are unblockable?!” he was referring to crane standing MP, HP. I explained him which to block low/high and he said thanks. Again, I’m really surprised how nice PC community is, because I was expecting receiving hate comments constantly from what I’ve seen at youtube and around the internet.


thats nice stuff keyboard gen. ive learned the more expensive the system you play on the less likely you are to run across ignorance. i actually was sad about the 2nd ps3 price drop lol. month later it was as if i was on xbox live, the special klan edition. i was told gens crane ultra 2 was cheap because it was unblockable. (guy kept crouching) i never informed him of his error since he said it quite rudely.


Wow, got a Rose dizzy in the final round, taunted a bit, then was about to finish her with my Super, then right as it connects “The player has left the session.”

Salty motha fucka.


Sometimes, I wonder if I should do the same if someone taunts me, when he’s clearly going to win already. I find that it’s only appropriate to return unsportsmanship behavior with the same. Thankfully these things are rare on the PC, and especially in the Asia region.


so i fight a dudley and we both get down to chip damage in the 3rd round.

ive got no meter, so i figure i’ll build some bar and do an ex oga.

we get 3/4 screen apart, and i start doing lk giekros back to back.

he tries to punish the 3rd or 4th whiffed giekro with ex MGB.

my next giekro stuffs him for the win.

he messages me that im a “spammer”. i real life lol


IMO meter building isn’t really spamming. There is intent to build meter, where you run the risk of getting punished. Other characters run into the same risk. Gief’s Lariat, you can punish it with ultra, etc etc.

You ran the risk of possibly getting punished. Fortunately you didn’t


Have I told you guys about my awesome Genfinite skills? Because according to the internet, my Gen is incredibly cheap. Here it is guys, don’t let the secret get out: A) crossup crane j.mk into c.lk sweep B) Goto A
Aside from that, I receive hatemail for almost every win I get as Gen. In Vanilla MvC3 I played Sentinel, Haggar, and Phoenix and rocked a 90% winrate for several weeks pre-Sentinel nerf almost purely through timeouts or Dark Phoenix victories. Never got any hatemail. I don’t get why.


Guess the mix of PC community and playing Gen makes it hard to get hatemail.
It’s possible that I missed some because my mail settings were different until a month ago.
Sigh, I’d like to get some from time to time just BECAUSE Gen’s not cheap.
But maybe even the angriest player got that already. :slight_smile:


In ranked match, this somewhat laggy Akuma came in and lost. Then I got this:
“It’s sad that you’re ranked so high with such little skill”.
Came back a few minutes later… as Blanka. This time, he rage-quits. He’s right about one thing though, I’m really not that good in spite of my rank lol.


Say you are not good and I will place my fist in your skull. you are good


You are right, I need to be confident in my abilities. After all Gen is a pretty tough character to use well. Thanks ugo. :china:


After match from a Gouken player who tried to fight without throwing projectiles. I mean, I hate projectiles but in the end that’s how Gouken works, isn’t it? Seems like work starts to pay off.
“so i see Gen’s frames are just as gay and imbalanced as Yun’s, that’s cool, i guess… so that means that you’re a faggot-ass foreign cuntflap that doesn’t deserve to live too, good for you, now please go and do the world a favor by suiciding, thank you!”


Talk about the ULTIMATE SALTINESS. so what did you tell him?

plssss I hope you replied with Gen signature quote “YOU ARE A BIG FOOL!”


Nah, I didn’t want to tease him any more. So I replied: “You have no idea how often I lost with Gen to Gouken”.
I’m similar mad sometimes, too. Especially in the past: Got a broken PS2-Controller in my drawers. :slight_smile:
Bottom line: I had a good time, listening chilled to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack while playing and that message was the cherry on top.