Dumbfuck = Ninja Gaiden / Special K


My gawd. I gave you a chance. I sucked it up, and took one for the team by lowering my guard, and extending my hand of friendship to you. And THIS is how you repay me?!


Jesus. Why couldnt you stop? Do you really wake up, and think you will get away with this? Its a shame. For people who may not know, I recently forgave Ninja Gaiden, as I felt bad for him (pitty more or less), and gave a friendship a chance. I sent him one of Foshizzle’s psd’s posted on Tagmonkey. He took it, and “created” crap from it using parts, and even took the WHOLE damn thing, and used it as his own. My god are you a total idiot. You need to be BEAT, no banned (too bad only the latter can actually be done). Jesus. You are the very reason I fucking hate you. Makes sense, no? You’ve had enough chances. The chance giving ends here. You must be banned, IP banned. Shameless bastard.

My final thought: Die bitch.


Is it time for IP ban or does he get a chance to make his 7th name now?


Hah, fosh used a bunch of my free stuff in that hendrix tag.

I feel so used.




I’m also looking forward to MC’s inevitable long winded post about how he needs to JUST SEE GOD JUST LEAVE ARAERRRR




Dam,he should’ve been banned long ago.


im an administrator in Batele-grounds, and i want to say thanks to whomever cought him ripping. this has been brought to my attention and he is now banned from BG permanently.


Power to the people.

mikeisblackadde: fanfare for the common man


It was me, but shinK confirmed it when he told me he sent him the .psd.

lol at your sig. You used my hip version. :stuck_out_tongue: But no tags here. ;/


Thx VF.




Special K65689: yes i went there
Special K65689: i clicked the link but it wouldnt let me view it
Special K65689: what was it?
ShungouKairi: you were banned
ShungouKairi: you ripped.
ShungouKairi: again.
Special K65689: what?
Special K65689: !
ShungouKairi: please.
Special K65689: ripped what?
ShungouKairi: dont act shocked.
ShungouKairi: that psd I sent
Special K65689: no
Special K65689: tell me
Special K65689: yes
ShungouKairi: haha, what were you thinking.
ShungouKairi: like I wouldnt find out.
Special K65689: i just experimented
Special K65689: to see what I would come up with
Special K65689: i used my own render and everything
ShungouKairi: you took the damn psd, and claimed it as you own.
ShungouKairi: bullshit.
Special K65689: i never claimed that psd as mine
Special K65689: that is bullshit
ShungouKairi: sure you didnt.
Special K65689: i never even told anyone i had it
ShungouKairi: do you think I’m stupid>?
ShungouKairi: the topic had you claiming the work.
ShungouKairi wants to directly connect.
Special K65689 is not accepting Direct IM connections.
Special K65689: well, it seems so if you think i said that the psds mine
Special K65689: hold on
Special K65689 wants to directly connect.
Special K65689 is now directly connected.
ShungouKairi: explain that
Special K65689: um yea
Special K65689: what about it?
ShungouKairi: thats NOT your work, dude.
Special K65689: the first one is
ShungouKairi: -_-
Special K65689: the second one is
ShungouKairi: what . the . hell.
Special K65689: for most part except for 1 brushing part
Special K65689: and the hendrix one was not mine
ShungouKairi: no duh.
Special K65689: so why are you showing work that is mine?
ShungouKairi: funny how you didnt mention that when you posted it
ShungouKairi: haha
Special K65689: ?
Special K65689: what
Special K65689: cause i didnt think that i would have to
Special K65689: it was my render
ShungouKairi: o.O
ShungouKairi: really man
Special K65689: here
Special K65689: hold on
Special K65689: i will give a psd of that
ShungouKairi: no thx
ShungouKairi: I am through with you.
Special K65689: what? why?
ShungouKairi: you just couldnt help yourself, eh?
Special K65689: cause you gave me a psd to practice wtih
Special K65689: and i did
ShungouKairi: got a psd, and you took teh damn thing as your own
Special K65689: no i didnt
Special K65689: tell me where it says i took the psd and made it my own
Special K65689: bullshit, I never did
ShungouKairi: "Some of my latest"
ShungouKairi: "hendrix tag"
ShungouKairi: and ya know, I can tell you took parts from the psd, and used them in teh first 2
ShungouKairi: haha
Special K65689: um, like i said
Special K65689: i used some brushing from another psd
Special K65689: and the hendrix tag only had the color balance from the original in ti
Special K65689: it
ShungouKairi: XD.




I was wondering who that guy on my buddy list was. =x


haha, yup yup. see told ya guys in the beef thread, zerrooo tolerance policy. im glad this guys finally IP banned. good shit. good shit.:smiley:




why didnt you post more of it SK? Post the whole thing please.


I closed the window. Look at the times on your window, and when I posted. I stopped and posted the “up till then” convo.


We need the sound clip from GGXX that says “DESTROYED!”.



just keep in mind what I said. People who just viewed the link, don’t know half the story. So, please…