Dumping old VHS tapes - Maybe old?

I’ve started dumping a lot of my old VHS tapes so that I can have a copy of the tapes due to the VHS’s starting to wear out. I have a ton of old Capcom Street Fighter II promotional material, that despite the obvious age, actually provides a solid foundation for the series.

I know one of them that I have (with Tomo), had already been posted on this site (the one for Street Fighter II Turbo), but I’m not sure about these other ones.

The first video is a promotional video for Street Fighter II Special Champion’s Edition that was released before the home console ports. It describes a few “tricks” for the game, but mostly details the game’s history and what to expect.

It also features outlandish claims that the home version of the game is “better” than the arcade version… Seriously.


The next video I’m breaking up due to its length.

It also is a Street Fighter II Special Champion’s Edition promo, but is a more in depth look at specific characters and strategies. This video also features Tomo, with specially designed combos “just for this video”.

There are some pretty standard stuff explained, but it does provide an interesting starting point for Street Fighter fans to rediscover skills.

The first part will be just the general concepts and strategies section. It outlines a lot of fairly solid fighting game theory. You can find it here:

The second and third part are the specific sections on characters.

The first section on Ryu can be found here:

The second second section (which splits Vega/Zangeif) can be found here:

I made the choice to upload the videos that I dump off the VHS’s onto Gametrailers so you guys don’t have to download anything.

If these haven’t already been posted, I’ll continue posting the sections from the second movie on my blog ( http://arcaderenaissance.blogspot.com ) and update them here on this thread when I do.

I also have a ton of other old promo VHS’s like this dealing with some other games like King of Fighters and Art of Fighting.

Let me know if those have any interest as well.

well if you can dump them so I can d/l them that will be cool but what ever happened to that Danny guy ?

You know, I really don’t know…

I’m trying to remember what is the last tape I have him in, and I’m pretty sure he is in the Super Street Fighter II pre-release promo, but I’m not 100% certain. I’m going to check that out tonight and find out for sure.

I know that he did several other “appearances” in Capcom based VHS’s, including one with the Mega Man series.

I don’t know if he’s still in the industry or not.

Also, I’ll consider putting up some torrents once I get the full collection uploaded onto my PC. If I go that route I’ll let you guys know so you can download the copies themselves.

Hey, If your going to throw away those VHS’s I’ll take 'em off of you.

sexy man. good job.

i always loved the Tomo teaches SF video.

That’s so painfully awkward to watch.

(1/4 of the way through)
The action’s so fast, I play it every day! :tup:

Here’s the 4th part of the “Strategy” video.


This part of the video features Blanka and E. Honda.

My next update probably is going to be Chun Li and Guile (which is a fairly long section).

Let me know if anyone has any preferences on who they would like to see out of the remaining characters.

Na, I’m planning on still keeping them. I’m just going to try to make sure they don’t get any further damage by having permanent copies on my computer that I watch, that way I don’t have to dig out my VCR every time I want to watch one of the dusty old things. :wink:

haha good stuff

they pronouned Ryu’s name by saying “RUU”:rofl:

Full Tomo video: