Duncan James Tonnigsen and his new hat. UPDATE VIDEO

I’ve watched this video 3 times now, along with being there in real life, and it gets more and more hilarious everytime. Now anytime i’m sad or in a salty mood, i’ll just pull up Mr.K’s youtube video and remind myself that life’s too short to not laugh everyday.

Shoutouts to STOP USING CROUCHING FIERCE UP CLOSE eman! hahahaha.

I spent almost all day uploading video to my you tube channel and I’ve got two more qued up for tonight.

[media=youtube]31qC5gBYzqw"[/media] versus the lagged stream version from above.

Check out my you tube channel: Kaleo1784 for the “hat match” as well as other videos from that tourney. The video quality is about the same but there are more frames that were lost in the stream and there isn’t my poor commentary going on in the background. I appologize for the image hazing which is from the CRT TV that they wanted to use for the match to minimize lag. The other videos I have from the other events are much better off the LCDs.

The rest of the matches from that tourney will be posted in the toe-fu dojo thread along with shedder’s match with carlos that put him in losers. I’ll also have the video from the afk tourney that gave me my “clock choke” name from the tourney in another thread. Props to Hurricane Chris for the clutch finishes, but I’m still salty.

That match was so hype. you guys were pretty evenly matched and I’ve never seen so many close matches in one tournament set. Chris is kind of the clutch king. Even against Versaga he clutched out some close matches with some small moments of beast mode decision making. You guys both did awesome though. Can’t wait to watch it again.

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