Dungeon Fighter Online - Re-release!


Hello SRK!

Long-time veteran here of the arcade-action MMO “Dungeon Fighter Online”! (DFO)

A while back, DFO was published under Nexon of America, however, due to supposed “fiscal losses”, they decided to shut down the servers in May of 2013

However, “Neople”, the company that created Dungeon Fighter, has decided to take matters into it’s own hands!

Neople has decided to re-release DFO under it’s own brand!

Dungeon Fighter has done outstandingly well in Korea, China and other regions! Take a look at these stats! Dungeon Fighter surpassed Maplestory in revenue for 2013 and is third, only after two of the most popular online games in Asia!

For information, check out the official website for Neople’s re-release of Dungeon Fighter:

They are starting an alpha on the 15th. (Korean Standard Time)

I encourage you to check out DFO if you like fighting games, MMORPGs or just beating things up!

Please join us in showing Neople that we care about this game!