Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara for XBLA, PSN, Wii U and PC

Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara coming soon Summer 2013 for XBLA, PSN, Wii U and PC.

Reveal Trailer

From Wondercon 2013
Pic of main menu

Pic of display

Get Hype!

I was cool until u told me to get hype. Then I deflated. Faggot.

They have pills for that, you know. You can read news about upcoming games with a sense of confidence you never knew before, as well as a generous swelling of pride.

Shut up and grill my sausage Bob.

This port is pretty sick, been playing it all day. Streaming some 1cc attempts with a friend, check it.

Why the fuck are the digital releae and the Japan Retail release different.

Yeah I was expecting to see this on live, where the fuck is it?

No local co-op?


Yes, but it should have it so you can mix both. Not sure if that is the case but it would be awesome so you and a friend could play together with other friends who were away. That is what this whole internet online shit promised us.

I call dibs on the Thief.

Aint tripping so long as you stay in the red costume. I have a preference for that p2 gear

Xbox version’s coming later today. Hell, should start showing up on their CDNs within an hour or two after I post this, some of you may already start seeing it.

I bought it for PC instead. Had to fight it a bit but eventually got it working. Played through Tower of Doom with a friend. Funny thing, turns out the end boss sounds a lot like Steve Smith in his role as Red Green of the Red Green Show. So I had trouble taking that boss seriously. Throughout the entire end battle I’m hearing Red Green saying stuff in my head like: “Normally what you want to do when you’ve got a bunch of adventurers running around in your dark tower is cast Hold Person on 'em, so they don’t move much and you can just smack 'em right off the balcony. Well, I’m getting a little too old for all that spellcasting stuff so I’m going to use the next best thing: duct tape!”

Combined with another boss being voiced by (or at least sharing some voice clips with) Claw circa Street Fighter 2, the innkeeper being Haggar, and one of the nobles having a serious art error (his hand is basically on scale with Hugo’s from Third Strike, possibly larger, which is funny since the rest of him is average size) … well, I basically just MST3Ked my way through a game I deeply love. It was fun!

Think I’ll play Shadow over Mystara soon too.

Edit: Oh, by the way. Once you beat these games, not before, do a Youtube search for this exact string: combometro crazy gameplay

Some people did a combo video series for this! It’s pretty fun to watch… a few are obviously tool-assisted or rely on unrealistic (possible, just unlikely for human players to decide to do) conditions for normal play, but most are neat and even somewhat practical. Plus one of them used “The Eve of the War” for its music track… it’s a very nice song from one of the War of the Worlds remakes, well worth a listen.

Man I am rusty as hell in this game. lol so much stuff I can’t do anymore.

That’s alright. The help menu is a good refresher, though some of it is Shadow Over Mystara specific and won’t work in Tower of Doom.

One other neat thing. If you go through the credits, you should notice at least two or three, possibly more, FGC members of note listed there.

Edit: Elf is still enjoyable to play, 20 years later. Good stuff!

had to hit up some old videos that I used to like, did a better job in a general sense.

was kinda mad when my group messed up my oil shenanigans though

I was kinda mad when my group kept super-jumping INTO my oil. “It’s a good thing I’m not on the mic right now or I’d probably wind up in trouble with what I’m about to say… inhale FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF----” etc.

Have you been getting hit with the character prejudice yet?

You know those guys in the arcade that wouldn’t let you roll with them because you picked the thief, or didn’t want you because you aren’t another cleric?

It was kinda like going backwards in time, but that happened to me when I got scoped for having 100 percent thief usage.

Nah. I’ve mostly been playing with friends. And you know we’re friends because instead of dropping out of the game, we got into fights with one another once someone ‘accidentally’ threw a treasure chest into another player. Kind of like when you end up hurling someone into a pit in River City Ransom and all of a sudden everyone hates one another. Easily the best kind of co-op play!

I wish my friends played D&D :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. I’ve been fortunate; I have several friends who love arcade-style co-op, so we’ll randomly do Final Fight, X-Men, Simpsons, D&D, Castlevania HD, and so on. I suppose these games wouldn’t be as fun with random groups… maybe some sort of SRK team-up can happen in this thread sometime?

Sounds good.

I just gotta remember how the whole naming thing goes so my character gets some good stuff in the beginning.

My username is the same as my xbox live name.