Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara for XBLA, PSN, Wii U and PC


Certain symbols grant you starting items, and they also give value to your stats. So the furthest you go out the higher the value is, however if you pick a certain symbol of the same value it adds it together as zero.


Got the game. Apparently it only supports 360 controllers. So I’m SOL trying to get a HRAP3 to work on it. I’d try my custom with a Multi-Console Cthulhu PCB, but I’m off to Singapore for SEA Major and don’t have the time to dig it out.


Wait, so I can’t use my Madcatz on it because I am trying to remember these old ass combos and aint shit happening on this xblocks controller. Too hard to dash quickly with just a thumb.


Well that blows, can anyone confirm the same for ps3?

I have a fightpad on my ps3 ver. and It works great…well aside from my jammy X button


I having a blast playing these arcade treasures again. So much awesomeness and all the challenges and unlocks just makes me want to play these games over and over.

Thank You so much Iron Galaxy and Capcom for the best port of my most favorite arcade games of all time.

When it comes to the Joystick compatibility. It works just fine and I’m playing it on my 360. I’m using an HRAP stick and so far no problems. I’m glad though because I was having trouble pulling off specials and combos off a pad.


The booths at E3 had all the D&D stations hooked up with madcatz sticks.


So can someone get somebody like @Maj in here to school us in all the awesome shit in this game.



The restrictions in regard to control type seem to be in regard to the PC version of this game. I cannot verify it firsthand because all of my PC gamepads also double as Xbox 360 pads, but friends who have no real reason to lie to me about it have told me they faced problems getting the game to recognize their non-X360 pads on the PC version.

For those of you who want to use a non-360 pad with the PC version, I strongly suggest looking into ‘joystick to keyboard’ mapping programs. Joy2Key has worked well enough for me in the past. Of course, since I’m recommending third-party software I have no control over… please understand this is done at your risk. It has worked fine for me, but you should do the usual smart computing practices of virus scanning it and so on before installing/running it. These sort of ‘remappers’ aren’t so great for analog sticks, but traditional controls work great on them and that’s all these games need.


Am I the only one getting significant input lag on the PC version? Not surprised of that happening considering who ported it. Thank goodness there’s a demo. It can’t be my gamepad or anything USB because it’s a PS/2 keyboard that’s getting lagged.

and what’s up with this smudged up ‘smooth’ aliased mess of a filter?

Also as for non-xinput pads, i’d suggest the use of this.


So is it better to get the ps3, wii u or pc version of this?


Hmm, a pc version…can’t wait for someone to Mugen this shit up.


I’ve been playing the PC version mostly fine. The worst problem I have is it does not play nice with multiple gamepads (whichever one queues up as Pad 1 gets priority, period, for controlling the user interface) and it doesn’t save my “control interface by gamepad” choice. These issues leave me ripping one gamepad out before play, and redoing a few settings. Annoying, and certainly surprising… but not a deal-breaker. Aside from these UI issues the game plays great for me. I’ve done one full run of Tower of Doom and one of Shadow over Mystara, no real problems yet. Will probably wind up doing one more run to finish checking out the various art in the Vault.


So who has this on 360?


rocked out with this on my 360 yesterday, the online play is excellent and I experienced no lag. Have yet to play a full 4 player game all the way through, but its pretty great on the 360.


^ Good to know. I haven’t tried it online yet but when I saw GGPO on there I was hoping it would be pretty good, especially compared to bullshit like sega with ungodly shit input lag with all there great 2d games.


Are people playing this on Steam? I wanna buy it, but only like 3 people on my friends list have it


XBL GT: mymymaichun

sry i don’t have a mic. i play elf[H], thief[C], and fighter[C]. i prefer only playing a single credit, so i will join and quit out if i lose to make room for others to join. feel free to re inv me if you’re starting from the beginning and need more ppl.

i love doing hardest difficulty 1cc runs, so if you’re up for it on XBL pls don’t hesitate to send me an inv. i’ll try and join if i’m not currently in a game or busy. my only request would be to start from the beginning if we lose. seems you can’t start over after returning to the lobby in elimination mode, you have to continue from where you left off, forcing you to close and recreate the lobby if you want to start from the very beginning! i know starting over can get rather repetitive but you’ll get better and it can help in preserving the longevity of the game imho.

i don’t mind at all if you’re inexperienced. i’ve played enough with experts to learn it gets really boring when the party is too good. the D&D Korean and Chinese communities have some very strong players; if you’re decent enough to keep yourself alive and know which strats your partner is going for, it’s not as challenging to clear the game without losing. i don’t consider myself an expert, just fairly decent i guess–not quite good enough for a no shopping run, i still rely on LBO and bolt rings for certain bosses, and i still screw up from time to time. i have hard 1cc’ed the game but never with complete randoms or a full 4 person party, i also have yet to 1cc ToD so the latter parts of the game will be a completely new and a challenging exp for me.

it’s been really difficult for me to find other single credit players(not necessarily the so called experts, rather ppl who find enjoyment from merely attempting.) the preference to play this way seems to be rare among today’s gamers, i guess it’s a practice and appreciation you develop as a perfectionist or a kid at the arcades during the side scrolling bmup boom just trying to make the most outta the 2$ your parents gave you… if you died you let the continue clock out so you could start from the beginning, hell if you started from where you left off you’d just die sooner lol. rinse and repeat till you got good enough to pass it in one go. i know this style of play isn’t for everyone and i’m not implying it’s in anyway better, just looking for other liked minded players.

… so if enjoy playing on max difficulty and do not credit feed, pretty pls w/ sugar on top, lets get some games going!


Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara Stuff:

Character Name Tips:
To figure out your name go here or just google “Mystara name Calculator.”

  • In general you want type C (character cap). This will give your character a permanent defense boost from the beginning of the game. Always a good idea given they are pretty rare to come across. (only 3 in game + shadow elf enemy steal.)
  • Another generally good move would be to aim for type E (Ring of Fire Resistance). Although the ring can be broken eventually, it is a great advantage to have during the War Machine fight which can be very unpredictable at times.
  • M.Users should also consider type I (Rod of Cold) for a damage boost on Ice Storm.
  • Elves usually also consider type H (Earrings) for a general magic damage boost.

General Tips:

  • If you’re new, let better players do things like choose the path and navigate the raft on the river. More often then not they will choose paths they are more familiar with, yield better loot, or have an easier boss increasing your odds of survival.
  • In general, let spell casters open treasure chests as it will most often yield a spell. If you want health let characters with low constitution (M.U/E/T) open chests as it may yield a potion. Only time F/D should open treasure is for a LB ring.
  • Ghouls are a great source for acquiring spells. Avoid turning them as the cleric if you feel you can take them. Gargoyles are good for farming spells as well just make sure you have magic weapons/spells to spare.
  • Always take the time to manage your item/spell inventory before engaging the boss.
  • When in a shop, always click on the shop keepers head a few times. There’s always a possibility you picked up an eye, skin, or horn that you weren’t aware of.
  • Always sell useless weapons/items at shops. For instance if you aren’t planning on fighting the Black Dragon sell that Egg of Wonder you found at the forest for 500sp, easily the cost of 9 L.B.Os.
  • Always make sure you have 9 burning oils (large burning oils when available) in your inventory at all times for bosses. Also 9 Hammers before you fight a harpy or dragon.
  • When trapping a boss with burning oils, try to allow spell casters to throw first. It will give them time to allocate their spells for later.
  • Only use CSW rings if absolutely necessary (no CSW spells left) otherwise save them for transforming Cursed Sword 1
  • All Lighting Bolt rings should be saved for Ezerhorden unless you have an Elf / M.User (preferably with Rod of Lightning + Earrings)
  • In party play, usually leave all Lv.4 & Lv.5 spells for Cleric if you want the Sword of Lengends, M.User gets Lv.6 and up, and anything else can be split amongst the M.User and Elf (I’d give them to the Elf, M.User already has enough spells.)
  • If fighting a Boss, if you’re attempting to hit with melee attacks, try to avoid being on the same plane. Always try to position yourself slightly above its shadow. (usually its attacks will whiff but you can still hit.)
  • In general, if you’re a spell caster, during a boss fight, avoid casting spells one after another when you score a knockdown on the boss. Try to score a few ground hits or allow other party members to do so in party play before casting again.

Path Option Tips:

[details=Spoiler]Battle on the River | Juggernaut:

  • Juggernaut for LB rings
  • Battle on River for massive amounts of gold. Suggested only if you know how to navigate the raft.

City of Aensun | Forest of Despair | Forest Bridge (Elf only):

  • City of Aensun for more gold (I think…not sure tho). Also significantly easier stage.
  • Forest of Despair for better loot: elemental swords, Holy Avenger, Character Cap, Boots of Levitation (from trading boss item). Generally favored.
  • Forest Bridge for those who want a dragon scale, otherwise usually reserved for seasoned players only.

Labyrinth | Gnome Village:

  • Labyrinth for a dragon scale. Also significantly easier stage, especially with a Displacer Beast Eye.
  • Gnome Village for better shop items after boss: LB rings, CSW rings, Wand of Lightning, etc. Generally favored

Land of Fire | Lost World | Underground Cavern (Dwarf only):

  • Land of Fire for Rings of Fire Resistance. Easier stage than Lost World but cannot use L.B.Os on Flame Salamander boss.
  • Lost World for slightly more difficult stage than Land of Fire but you can use L.B.Os on the Ice Salamander boss, however make sure you can deal with the gargoyles.
  • Underground Cavern if you want to avoid later Tel’ Arin boss fight and Nagpa (if Tel’ Eleron lives through the fight) Generally not favored.[/details]
    Character Tips:

[details=Spoiler]Having a cleric in the party means you can afford to make mistakes, also you don’t have to deal with enemy undead unless you want to farm spells from ghouls. If you like melee combat as well as spell casting or just like healing party members then this class is for you. However, because his spells are a bit obscure you should at least take the time to be familiar with them before partying with others.

Bless (Lv.2) - Usually used in conjunction with Striking on yourself (if playing solo) or melee combat characters (F/D/T) before a boss. Also feel free to cast these during strong mobs.
Hold Person (Lv.2) - Mainly used on Tel’ Arin, Tel’ Eleron, and Ogres. Like Bless, you can be liberal with its usage on tough mobs, however I personally favor Bless in most situations. Also does not work on undead and most bosses.
Striking (Lv.3) - Usually used in conjunction with Bless on yourself (if playing solo) or melee combat characters (F/D/T) before a boss. If you’re still fairly new only cast these before a boss and save the rest for Continual Light.
Continual Light (Lv.3) - Save these for bosses as they basically mean a free stun into combo. Also learn to get the max amount of damage out of your free stuns. Will not work on undead, Lich, Dark Warrior 2, Ezerhorden(?), Red Dragons.
Sticks to Snakes (Lv.4) - Greldon only. Do not use these unless you absolutely know what you’re doing. In general you should be using Cure Serious Wounds instead.
Cure Serious Wounds (Lv.4) - Used if you want to heal yourself/party members. If you’re able, try to save these if you plan on obtaining the Sword of Legends (unless you have CSW rings or you’re really good at timing your jumping hits.)
Insect Plague (Lv.5) - Miles only. Like Stick to Snakes, do not use unless you know what you’re doing. Use Cure Critical Wounds instead.
Cure Critical wounds (Lv.5) - Same use as Cure Serious Wounds except restores a larger amount of health.
Holy Word (Lv.7) - Greldon only. Your only offensive spell. I usually save these for Gargoyles and to finish off Nagpa if I run out of Efreet bottles or Djinn summons.
Earthquake (Lv.7) - Miles only. P2 Cleric’s equivalent to Holy Word. Generally used in in the same manner.

Spell Recovery Points
Game Start: Cleric Level 12
Lv.2=4 | Lv.3=4 | Lv.4=3

War Machine: Cleric Level 13
Lv.2=5 | Lv.3=4 | Lv.4=3

Dark Warrior 1 / Man Scorpion(s): Cleric Level 14
Lv.2=5 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=3

Tel’ Arin: Cleric Level 15
Lv.2=5 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=3 | Lv.5=1

Manticore: Cleric Level 16
Lv.2=5 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=1

Discplacer Beast: Cleric Level 17
Lv.2=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=2 | Lv.7=1

Red Dragon (Flame Wing): Cleric Level 18
Lv.2=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=2 | Lv.7=1

Flame Salamander / Frost Salamander: Cleric Level 19
Lv.2=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=2 | Lv.7=2

Ezerhorden: Cleric Level 20
Lv.2=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=2 | Lv.7=2

Dark Warrior 2: Cleric Level 21
Lv.2=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=5 | Lv.5=3 | Lv.7=2

Nagpa: Cleric Level 22
Lv.2=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=5 | Lv.5=3 | Lv.7=2

Combo 1 - ATKx1-3 -> down, up + ATK (simple, reliable, good damage combo)
Combo 2 - forward + ATK -> qcf + ATK (simple combo that you can repeat consecutively)
Combo 3 - ATK -> forward + ATK -> qcf + ATK xx down, up + ATK (fairly difficult combo to perform consistently. This is your go to combo after successful stuns on larger bosses)

As for equipment, head, torso, arms, and legs are all pretty obvious. For shields go with a Flame Shield if you can’t obtain the Dragon Shield. They’re pretty common and will guard against fire based attacks such as fire spells and burning oils. For hand items I usually go for a Ring of Fire Resistance if available, if not Ring of Protection will do. For decoration items you wanna stick with a bracelet (atk.up) and for special artifacts you wanna keep that Cloak of Displacement (obtained by trading a Skin of Displacer Beast at the next shop).

Character Tips

  • unable to use bladed weapons
  • can cast Turn Undead (ATK+JUMP), instantly destroys skeletons and ghouls. Does not have a desperation attack.
  • in general always Striking+Bless at the start of a Boss fight, then switch to Continual Light.
  • can hit grounded opponents several times with consecutive crouching attacks (possibly more.)
  • only character able to uncurse cursed sword 2 (attempt to pick the sword up eight times.)
  • make sure to collect all Lv.4 and Lv.5 spell scrolls if you plan on obtaining the Sword of Legends, Don’t need Lv.1 and Lv.6 spells.[/details]

[details=Spoiler]If you like burst damage and high mobility then this class is for you. If you are familiar with enemy placement in stages then you can utterly decimate mobs in mere seconds. He is basically the simple version of the Fighter, not as complex but what he loses in combo options he gains in damage output and mobility. Like the Fighter and Thief, he lacks spells meaning you will need to learn how to properly dispatch bosses without them. Pure melee classes, despite the rudimentary nature of their playstyles, are often the hardest to 1cc the game with.

Combo 1 - ATK -> down, up + ATK (simple, reliable, good damage combo)
Combo 2 - qcf + ATK xx down, up + ATK (bnb for good damage on bosses or enemies)

For equipment it’s pretty much the same as the cleric. Additional advice would be to go with a Rod of Lightning + Earrings combo for hand and decoration items only if you feel you don’t have enough LB rings for Ezerhorden and you wanna stretch the damage of each use.

Character Tips

  • if you need to free up inventory space get rid of your daggers (use arrows for missile combat.)
  • only character with a rolling attack [d/df+jump while airborne], has iframes, can use to avoid traps.
  • only character with a horizontal hop [f+jump]
  • only character with a backroll ala TOD [jumpx2 while crouching]
  • only character with a Fury attack [tap ATK rapidy]
  • can hit grounded opponents several times with consecutive crouching attacks (possibly more.)
  • can accumulate additional money bags by destroying opened treasure chests.[/details]
    Magic User

[details=Spoiler]This guy…where to begin. You’ll find all the tropes expected of the frail but powerful sorcerer with the added bonus that he is by far and away the best character in the game. He has enough spells and exploits to completely nullify most of the challenges in this game. The only reason why I’d consider him intermediate is due to the fact that he requires you to have a full understanding of the game’s spell system which seems rather complex for players expecting a simple beat’em up. Your greatest challenge will be avoiding enemies and managing your spell inventory.

Magic Missile (Lv.1) - Save for bosses or to cancel enemy magic, stage obstacles, and traps. When using it on bosses try to knock down as many smaller enemies as possible before casting to help ensure most bullets hit their target.
Fire Ball (Lv.3) - Generally not favored due to its obscure AOE and difficulty of use. Instead use Lightning Blot.
Lightning Bolt (Lv.3) - I mostly save these for the Man Scorpions and Ezerhorden or if I want to attempt a critical LB on bosses, otherwise can be liberally used on difficult mobs and after you’ve exhausted your screen AOE spells on bosses.
Ice Storm (Lv.4) - Reliable screen AOE spell. Save for bosses.
Wall of Fire (Lv.4) - Like Fire Ball, it’s generally not favored. Use Ice Storm instead.
Conjure Elemental (Lv.5) - Syous only. Reliable screen AOE spell. Save for bosses. Facing left is your fire Efreet summon (good chance of critical) and right is your water Leviathan summon (not sure if Rod of Cold boosts damage.)
Cloud Kill (Lv.5) - D.Raven only. P2 equivalent to Conjure Elemental with similar uses. Reliable AOE spell. Save for bosses. Does not work on undead and Green Dragon.
Flesh to Stone (Lv.6) - Doesn’t work on most bosses (all maybe?) I usually will use these on difficult mobs, the usual suspects being hell hounds.
Projected Image (Lv.6) - Short period of invincibility. Used mostly to bypass traps/enemies (ex: Staff of Wizardry treasure, character cap in forest without fighting ghouls) otherwise use only if you’re near death and need to buy some time.
Reverse Gravity (Lv.7) - Good damage spell with an AOE surrounding the player. Use on tough mobs or on a boss.
Meteor Storm (Lv.9) - Syous only. You get this pretty late in the game. Full screen AOE spell. I tend to use it like Ice Storm/Conjure Elemental.
Power Word, Kill (Lv.9) - D.Raven only. P2 equivalent to Meteor Storm. I honestly never used this before sry (don’t usually play green M.U).
Final Strike - Another spell I actually never used before as I usually don’t play M.User. I know it requires the Staff of Wizardry and a High cumulative exp from at least 3 party members. More of a novelty move than anything. Pretty epic tho…

Spell Recovery Points
Game Start: M.User Level 14
Lv.1=5 | Lv.3=4 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=3 | Lv.6=2

Dark Warrior 1 / Man Scorpion(s): M.User Level 15
Lv.1=5 | Lv.3=4 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=3 | Lv.6=2 | Lv.7=1

Ogre Master Brothers / Beholder / Green Dragon: M.User Level 16
Lv.1=5 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=3 | Lv.6=2 | Lv.7=2

Lich (Deimos): M.User Level 17
Lv.1=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=4 | Lv.6=3 | Lv.7=2

Chimera: M.User Level 18
Lv.1=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=4 | Lv.5=4 | Lv.6=3 | Lv.7=2

Red Dragon (Flame Wing): M.User Level 19
Lv.1=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=5 | Lv.5=4 | Lv.6=3 | Lv.7=2

Ezerhorden: M.User Level 20
Lv.1=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=5 | Lv.5=4 | Lv.6=4 | Lv.7=3 | Lv.9=1

Nagpa: M.User Level 21
Lv.1=6 | Lv.3=5 | Lv.4=5 | Lv.5=5 | Lv.6=4 | Lv.7=3 | Lv.9=1

Combo 1 - ATK -> forward + ATK (simple 2 hit bnb that can be repeated. I usually just stick to this. Very handy when you land a critical stab)
Combo 2 - dashing ATK xx backdash xx dashing ATK… (awesome damage and repeatable but not so simple combo. impractical unless you have good execution.)
Combo 3 - dashing ATK xx backdash xx forward + ATK, ATK (more damaging than combo 1 but also more complex. Not sure if backdash is needed)

For equipment I suggest you go for Rod of Cold (Ice Storm damage boost) for hand and earrings for decoration item. Of course switch to Rod of Lightning for Ezerhorden if you feel you won’t have enough LB spells/rings. Also Cloak of Displacement.

Character Tips

  • cannot use swords, hammers, and arrows
  • does not have a charging attack, aerial attack, and desperation attack
  • iframes on backdash, can be canceled into various things like dash / slide / forward+ATK / USE
  • must be directly over an enemy (enemy sprite should be lying over your character’s feet/lower half of body.) to attack it while it’s downed. In a boss fight try to land a couple of these inbetween spell casts.
  • invulnerability trick=(must have an empty spell slot selected) backdash xx USE xx backdash xx USE… dependent on how fast you cancel, you will be invincible to all types of attacks, not sure about Dragon Breath
  • M.User “Immortal” bug, wear Thief’s character cap. You cannot be killed except by thrown treasure chests, biting attacks, and Dragon Breath. (only read about this, may have been fixed.)
  • in general, save screen AOE spells, Magic Missiles, Reverse Gravity, Projected Image for bosses. Lightning Bolts and Flesh to Stone can be spent during stages (but save Lightning Bolts for Man Scorpions and Ezerhorden.)
  • best Staff is the Staff of Wizardry, make sure you open that treasure chest and get it (located at the window room, right before Ezerhorden. Use Projected Image or backdash to pass the torches.)
  • to obtain a super charged Wand of Paralysation pick one up at the City of Aensun / Forest of Despair. Only use during Desplacer Beast. (only read about this, need confirmation. Also I’ve seen a vid with it used on Tel’ Arin’s final appearance.)
  • to obtain a super charged Wand of Lightning, make your way to the Gnome Village without picking up any Wands of Lightning along the way. When you reach the shop after the Chimera then buy the Wand of Lightning there. In order to use it on the Red Dragon you must take it out before you enter the Boss room. Be warned if you ever accidentally drop this wand and have to pick it up again then it will lose its super charge. Can also use on Synn.[/details]
    Sry can’t really comment on the other characters as I don’t play them…

EDIT: Tried to break this down a bit. Will try to add more stuff
EDIT 2: Boss section made the post way too long, had to omit it. Just added a couple character tips and spell recovery points. Spell system is covered in another post so I didn’t bother.


Thanks for the write-up. I was thinking about running Cleric again. It’s been years since I played SoM.


Don’t forget about the i frames on some moves. The wizard and thief’s back dash (down jump jump or press jump during attacking) both have some invincibility and you can go through a decent number of attacks, and you can cancel out of them with some moves like into thief’s slide, desperation move, uppercut, etc. Funny thing with magic user, he can cancel his backdash with a spell that ran out, which means he takes out his scroll and reads it and you can cancel that with backdash. Do it fast enough and can have lots of invincibility until you fuck up (though I never tried to do this through dragon fire, but I know I can do this in a middle of a bunch of mobs and have them all whiff. Most likely won’t work because you’ll get caught when pulling out the scroll).