Dungeons & Dragons


So, how does everyone like 5th edition? i haven’t dabbled in D&D since 2004 and before that in 1996.



Haven’t fucked with it, but from what I saw it looked VERY bare bones.




Here’s a preview for what Dungeons & Dragons 5 is all about storyline wise and so forth:



That being said I would be up to play a game to test it out.

If it’s more stream lined I would like to use it for an Srk arena game.


It makes alot more sense mechanically than 3.5, pure warrior types actually have options now & spellcasters aren’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there ahead like they were in 3.5 or PF. Still find 4E a bit more fun to play but 5E is pretty solid so far, I still need to try Iron Kingdoms & Legend to see if they’ll fit my Fantasy needs more possibly.


I like what I’m seeing so far in 5th. I’d love to run a game of it some day. Once I get all my shit sorted out and have some schedule stability.


What about the Icons game, it was made by the same dude that made Mutants and Masterminds.

Anyone give it a shot.


I felt really burned on 4e. Not like a lot of people who loved 3.5E and hated the change, but I remember them promising a really big digital platform. A client where you could DM, play games, etc officially, unlocking minis as you buy them, etc. And they showed demos, and got me excited. I figured I’d be able to play online with strangers and friends, and I bought into it, picked up the book set. and Waited. And Waited. And eventually that feature was cancelled.

Its too bad, because it woulda been fun to play (I got to play 1-2 games with it), I figured when my kids are older and my neices/nephews are all ready, I can run something for them : )

In short, I don’t wanna get burned on 5e. Them trying to appeal to the 3.5 gamers and pathfinder people probably means I won’t like it as much as 4e, which I really liked for the design choices they made


Me and some friends signed up for the 5E beta, never played it lol.
Just looking at it its somewhere between the wide open playground of 3.5 and the simplicity of 4th edition.


On a side note… Surprised that D&D finally overtook SF in what editions they’re in…


So Dreamscarred press adapted the Book of Nine swords for pathfinder, and it is fucking awesome.


@manx check this shit out.


I’ve heard a lot about 9 swords, but never read/played any of it. I’ma check some of them out. Coppin’ dem PDFs dawg!


9 Swords was one of the best books they put out for 3.5 from a mechanics & fluff perspective, but of course purist hated it for pretty much “Not muh D&D”. Though it did have a erratta problem like alot of the ones released near the end of 3.5 life.


Path of War fixes some of the things that I personally didn’t like with 9 swords. Like making shit worked with ranged attacks specifically. There’s like only a few things I would house rule differently. But everything seems useful and they got rid of all those terrible requirements for the maneuvers themselves so it makes it WAAAAAY easier for regular classes to grab them and use them in their builds.

Edit: I should have looked at it more closely, looks like they kept those shitty prerequisites.





So what’s the word on getting a game started?

Perhaps taking turns dming this?


I’m about to be off on the weekends for the next few weeks so awesomeness.

Lets figure out what kind of game we want to play. I think I’ma take it easy on campaign design and just make some decent dungeons. I got the artwork down now, and that’s a big part of the online play for me at least.


I can’t stand PBP or internet playing at all, been burned to many times


Have you tried roll20?


Fuck the 5th Edition Ranger.

Hail the 5th Edition Bard.

That is all.