(Dunno if it's the right way or not...) Sequel to P4A announce


so, as the news says. It was shown in an local test. And 2 characters are announced to be playable.

the local test is open from 16th~18th somewhere in Tokyo.

Persona 4:The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

I haven’t played P4A but I’m interested in who they add to the game because I’m a fan of the Persona games. Is it only two more characters, or are more being planned? I’m wondering if they might dig deeper and add some P2 characters.


Yes! YES! FUCKING JUNPEI IORI. I wished he was in the game back when I started playing because he really grew on me in Persona 3, but I cannot believe he’s actually coming to the game. Long live P4A! Hopefully this update breathes new life into the game.


FUCK. YES. JUNPEI. I thought it couldn’t get any better with Akihiko being in P4A…

Let’s go.


Hopefully this update comes stateside…


This came out of fucking nowhere.

ArcSys doing serious work.


BBCP, GG Xrd and new P4? Mind blown.


Did anybody notice the nerf they made to Yu?

Sweep > 5D has been removed

Wasn’t that a huge part of Yu’s game, as it set up his oki?


Yup. Yup… :frowning:

I guess it will be Sentai Pink for me.


I love Persona 4 Arena!


Please come stateside on 360
please come stateside on 360
please come stateside on 360
please come stateside on 360


Junpei is all I need. Release stateside please



So apparently you can play as the characters shadow version…except for Shadow Labrys and Eleizabeth.

Also…Persona cards are different for each character.



Do you guys hear that? Is the Mitsuru and Aigis nerf train coming! :smiley:


To be fair, after playing P4A for the first time in months, I was able to do relatively well against much better players simply by getting a sweep and going into brain-dead oki set-ups. Perhaps the change is for the best.


From what’s been said about Yuka-tan’s style she’s more mobile than most of the cast and keep away to make Aigis jealous what with homing arrows and multiple short to mid-range wind spells. Definitely can’t wait to take her for a spin. I’m more than a little worried about Lab getting nerfed into the ground further, but overall I’m hopeful that this will work out and that we can get more people playing.


Why would Labrys get nerfed? O_o

Most of the significant nerfs I’ve seen are to characters’ oki and setups, which is probably for the best, even though I main Chie and it might hurt me most of all. I think Labrys and Liz are going to benefit the most from this, and they were the two weakest characters.

Really though it’s hard to say how everything is going to change, with new moves and shadow mode and all. Some characters will probably be high tier in one mode and low tier in another. I’m very excited to see Yukari, her playstyle looks perfect for what I was looking for when I first picked up the game and Naoto/Yukiko didn’t quite fit.


S-Kill helped them with the naming



That’s a kickass name…


It sounds like a hair product.