(Dunno if it's the right way or not...) Sequel to P4A announce


Junpei is all I need. Release stateside please



So apparently you can play as the characters shadow version…except for Shadow Labrys and Eleizabeth.

Also…Persona cards are different for each character.



Do you guys hear that? Is the Mitsuru and Aigis nerf train coming! :smiley:


To be fair, after playing P4A for the first time in months, I was able to do relatively well against much better players simply by getting a sweep and going into brain-dead oki set-ups. Perhaps the change is for the best.


From what’s been said about Yuka-tan’s style she’s more mobile than most of the cast and keep away to make Aigis jealous what with homing arrows and multiple short to mid-range wind spells. Definitely can’t wait to take her for a spin. I’m more than a little worried about Lab getting nerfed into the ground further, but overall I’m hopeful that this will work out and that we can get more people playing.


Why would Labrys get nerfed? O_o

Most of the significant nerfs I’ve seen are to characters’ oki and setups, which is probably for the best, even though I main Chie and it might hurt me most of all. I think Labrys and Liz are going to benefit the most from this, and they were the two weakest characters.

Really though it’s hard to say how everything is going to change, with new moves and shadow mode and all. Some characters will probably be high tier in one mode and low tier in another. I’m very excited to see Yukari, her playstyle looks perfect for what I was looking for when I first picked up the game and Naoto/Yukiko didn’t quite fit.


S-Kill helped them with the naming



That’s a kickass name…


It sounds like a hair product.


That name is 1994 fighting game long.


What. That is a ridiculously long name for NO REASON.


I am a fan

of this name


I hope Sho ends up being the Hazama of Persona-verse.


Can’t wait to get this in Europe…in 2016


I’m super hyped about this new installment, having just finished my playthrough of Persona 3. Let’s continue this trend of P3 characters in fighting games! Next up: Persona 4: Hyper Mega Lariat Crush, featuring new playable character Koromaru!


Now I hope this gets localized stateside as well…


Finally we get to see Sho in action, and it looks like Adachi will be playable!

There’s no chance that it won’t be. Persona is Atlus’ cash cow. They made a killing off of the first game in Japan and the states, and that’s why they’re pushing for a sequel. They also have the resources to get it localized in a cough timely manner, unlike some recent ArcSys titles…

More footage here:



Yeah. Persona is popular in the States, so I couldn’t see them not localizing it. It’s more a matter of when.

Really digging the new characters and the changes to the old ones. Yosuke is looking much, much better. Hopefully I can find some footage of the “new” Yu, too.


So some guy is calling us retarded for putting this in the “Best new fighting game” category and saying that it’s an update not a sequel. This despite the fact that it’s being marketed as such, right down to the official press release (the line used is 『P4U』の待望の続編が登場!which I believe translates to “the long awaited sequel to P4U”).


Good news: