Dunno if this is old...but MvC3 possibly confirmed?

I hate being cockteased like this, but has anybody else confirmed this?


Congratulations, you’re the 8th person to make this topic today.

Get with P-Diddy’s new hype campaign:

Search Function or Die.

I missed the last 8 topics, but why does this keep getting locked? It seems like good news.

I believe the reason given the first time it was closed was “It’s only speculations”.

this is still rumors cut it of, jeez

A rumor isn’t enough to make 8 threads over…damn.

Isn’t it kind of ridiculous to make a thread that says “possibly confirmed” when “it isn’t confirmation” is in the very first line of the article?

Also, in before lock.

In… lets get to #10!:woot:


Anywho, really hope this is true. C’mon Nate Grey…

Where’s the Marvel vs Capcom 3 Threa that is not locked

People keep forgetting the licensing issues Marvel has at this point when they make these threads

If this is a new Marvel vs Capcom game, I hope the company who has been making the Marvel games since MVC2 makes this one just to fuck with you guys.

Sano and I asked if mvc3 was in the works during the marvel panel at ny comic con earlier this year and they said it wasn’t up to them but I was the 4th person to ask them that question that day:wonder:

Since this thread is still open, random shti!

Maybe the IGN rep asked “Is there a new versus game possible”, not specifying anything (the rep isn’t quoted at all, may just be paraphrased), and the Marvel rep thought “Oh yeah Tatsucap, but nobody knows about that shit yet”.

This is why SRK 90% black. Any bit of Marvel news and you get 10 million topics of the same post from Kotaku.