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I bought the Street Fighter 4 FightStick Tournament Edition on Jan 28th from the Capcom Store and they have let me know that I will have to wait until April in order to get my product. I bought a Real Arcade Pro 2 SA (PS2) from Ebay.
Seller stated that the Joystick was adult owned and barely used:confused:
I bought because of those statements and the fact that the FightStick is not backwards compatible , maybe will thru a software patch who knows
I got it and I tested it out on
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Sad Sad Day
The L2 button does not work it only works when I use the turbo function.
No Tag Team combos in MvC2 for me
I had some questions:
How hard is it to take apart the joystick?
Are parts readily available for this?
Is the joystick easily customizable?
Should I return it or stick with it and fix the L2 button myself in your opinion?

This would be my first joystick by the way and I have beginners/Intermediate level on using a soldering iron.
Other than that I really have to get used to using the joystick since I was having trouble performing combos in MvC2 and having issues doing uppercuts with Ryu in Street Fighter Alpha 3
How long does it take to transition from Digital Pad to Joystick?
Or is the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA PS2 just have a steep learning curve?

Just fix the button yourself. It’s disgustingly easy and requires no soldering whatsoever.

Just unscrew, unplug the faulty button and plug in your new button.

The problem might just be a loose quick disconnect/wire. You just need to plug it back in. Check the HRAP2 modding tutorial in my signature. It’ll give you an idea on how to open it up. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to unscrew the back screws. You just need a hex key that fits the slots in the bolts on the top panel. Btw, why would you use L2? Why don’t you just use R1/R2. They’re closer to the main buttons…

Give yourself like 3 months to half a year to get used to the stick, depending on how many hours you play per week.

lol, the turbo switches arn’t connected to the buttons (and vice versa). So that pretty much explains why the turbo does work.

Its probably wiring/button itself. As previously stated, very easy to mod(unless the wire is disconnected from the pcb(in which you need to learn a bit about soldering)).

Thanks for the help
I will try it this weekend
I use the L2 button for Marvel Vs Capcom, Partner A Attacks
Are there any other mods I can perform since I will be opening this one up…?

Here is what the seller had to say
"Hey, I looked this up and I realized that the control scheme is different because it is imported from Japan. The L2 and R2 by default are not the same as in the states, which is why it works when you put it in turbo. Try a different combination of buttons or changing the control scheme settings in the menu. "

When asking for a partial refund

Here is some videos I have uploaded which describes the issue in complete detail
http://www.mediafire.com/?2dh2nnowykm (Part 1)
http://www.adrive.com/public/eed2047bcbddd3e38f4be13779f17ba31d10f215ff373d4bd8da5ea74c44bce4.html (Part 2)

I was able to come to a resolution with the issue. The seller partially refunded me $40.
When I opened her up found that one of the contacts on the L2 microswitch had broken off.
I am in the process of receiving a new microswitch

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