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i recently ordered a Street Fighter 4 FightStick Tournament Edition from Capcom
but it is backordered until April. I need an alternative to be able to play on a joystick but I can say the Ps3 contoller is alright. I own a Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA for the PS2 and I wanted to know how can I get this working on a PS3 without lag…?
Whats the best convertor/Adaptor?

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inPin or Pelican converters are some of the better ones.


Generic Vs Pelican hmmm

I found this post on Generic convertor listing on Ebay

And I found this Pelican Convertor on Ebay Here (Very High Price)
Is it worth it…?


DO NOT buy a generic converter!


you could have, i dunno…searched for the millions of posts in this forum that address this basic standard issue?


Search is disabled.


I am currently waiting for an InPin convertor from Laugh