Durability of Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA


Does the artwork peel off or get scuffed up pretty easily?


Yes, the art turns white where hands touch.
When using Joystick and Button.


The grey circular borders?


Anywhere your hands contact the art regularly.


thats very disappointing. I thought the ps3 version only had this issue… ( were talking about the white xbox 360 HRAP right?)


The cable bay door is awful as well.

It’s always concerned me how flimsy the plastic is on this arcade stick. Applying even minimal pressure will make the sides bend.

But still… there are much worse sticks out there.


Now that we actually HAVE plexis that protect the top art on HRAP V3/VX’s, it might not be a bad idea just to take off the original artwork carefully, scan it in at high resolution (at least 300dpi if not 600dpi), and reproduce it BEFORE you order said-plexi.

THAT’S the only way to really protect the art on these joysticks…

But this rub-off will happen with any joystick that has a top layer sticker on it without any kind of decent protection – which means every joystick on the market that DOESN’T ship with a protective plexi on top of the sticker art! This isn’t even taking into account all the corrosive chemicals and salt that comes off in sweat – especially in the humidity and high temperatures at fighting game tournaments.

I would think only the older generation HRAP 1/2/3 SA/SE joysticks would actually resist this kind of sticker fading but even the tops of those joysticks get scratched and can be affected by sweat, too. Especially if you’re the type of person who sweat has a high acidity/salt content to it – like mine…


Speaking of the cable bay door, would anyone have any idea on where I could find a replacement? I got a VX-SA second hand and it was missing the door and little things like that drive me insane.


I’d remove the stick and buttons, tape up the plastic, and spray the stock art with sealant which you can buy from art supply stores. Voila! New protective coating.


Do you offer this service of putting in a plexi glass with different artwork? I am not very good with customizing things.


I’ve seen numerous results on the stock decal over heavy usage from all the V series sticks I’ve done graphic jobs for and the most common problem is that Hori has taken a very thick material with absolutely no suface laying other than a print which results in whitening, scratches, fading, and graphic rubbing off. The not so common is material warping, I really have no idea who this happens but the decal probably absorbs the moisture from sweaty palms/hands or even a humid environment will cause the material to wrinkle/bubble and the adhesive to dry leaving HUEG bumps with only the buttons holding the graphic down.

I would recommend either a plexi or a vinyl based decal, when I started out doing graphics, I used something close to lamilabels, they’re not good for heavy usage as the ones I’ve done for a friend’s comic shop had it’s lamination start to tear or even the same bubbling effect of the glue disintegrating and I soon found a friend that had professional printing machines with vinyl based lamination.