Dural....Tournament Worthiness?


Hey I recently got VF5:FS and unlocked Dural real quick. A friend of mine ask me if Dural was tournament Legal seeing as he couldn’t find any match videos for that character. So is the chrome sentinel of CHEAP legal or not? and please explain why.


She’s not in the arcades and was not designed to be tournament legal.
So I’m assuming she’ll be banned unless Sega officially adds her to the arcade version.


Thank you… It’s what i thought, and i just needed to be sure.


Even if Dural WAS in the arcade version, she was made to be about as fair as Gill in 3S, so yeah, she’s banned.

How do you unlock her in this one anyways?


It even says when you unlock Dural that she is only allowed in offline VS and some online room matches. So you cant even use her in ranked or player matches. that should give you a hint on what sega thinks about Dural.

And just beat arcade to unlock her.


Yeah, with borrowing moves from other characters, notably mimicking Vanessa’s moveset, making them faster and more powerful, it’s no wonder she’s banned for tourney play. They could’ve balanced her out to make the character on par with all the other characters balancing-wise though, like they’ve done with some of the SNK bosses like Saiki.


Which moves are faster? More powerful? She actually is balanced now. This is the most viable version of her we have had. Ill even go on to say Akira is a stronger character.


Any source to that claim? No seriously, is there proof?


Dural’s banned because she’s stupid and heavy.


But she’s not even that heavy

Where’s YOUR proof? I play alot of characters. Dural is one of them


No i mean where is the proof to the claim she is balance? That’s all… jeez


Have you played as Dural? Do you know her moves?


yes i have. And She’s pretty CHEAP but not safe. That why i asked if she was Tourney Legal.


whats cheap then lol


Well you can combo your opponent to the wall than do nothing but air chest bump to death. Or simply use that same move in differnet stings 3 or 4…waittaminute i’m asking to your claim that she is balance. Is that your own findings or what?


I tried out Dural in training mode to see what she’s all about.

She’s Gill tier, hahahahah.


lol Dural does EVERYTHING well…

Why wouldn’t she be banned, bitch can transition from striker to heavy grappler, no problems…

She has all of the most powerful throws and some damn good normals…


She is still WAY too good…

I wish someone would come up to me talking about Dural is fair…

Fairest she’s every been is still mad unfair…


I agree, Dural is clearly overpowered, she can do anything it wants…


Where do you guys even come up with this stuff…

Have you seen a good Jacky? A good Akira!? And don’t tell me you have.


I’ve seen good Jackies and Akiras.