Durham Gamefrog Results!

Thank you to everybody that came out. I saw new things for me to learn in KOF XII and SF IV and found some new tricks in 3rd after recaping the matches I played. Just don’t play 3rd as much, too much KOF XII I guess… lol. Lets be on the look out for the next Lucky’s as well. Thanks and keep practicing. SaiSyu out!!!

#1)P-Soul(I know what to do now young man!) LOL!!! Good stuff!
#2)SaiSyu Kusanagi
#3)Orochi Demo

(not full)
#1)Caveman ®
#2)Iceninja (D)

#2)Kevin M.
#3)Minister K
#5)KnuckleDust/P M$ney
#6)SaiSyu/Jose Hamiltion
#7)Iceninja/Rob Thompson
#9)Kevin Long/Largo

3rd Strike
#1)Common Sense
#2)Knuckle Dust

#1)Fingers MLD
#2)SaiSyu Kusanagi
#5)Rob T/Priest

It was good to see “everybody”!

Watching T6 was too hype!

Ed don’t forget to put the results on Tonamento!

I had a lot of fun at this tourny but my dreams got crushed quick fast and in a hurry.

Saisyu, thanks for the KOF schooling and the tourny man it was awesome. Thanks to Roski and Matt Frank for the words of wisdom. Largo stay with Akuma and lets level up for the next tourny!

Great tournament!

I love 2d games(gs to Continental, Roski, P-Soul) but tekken was the main dish for me.

Charles good shit. I caught on too late. Do you play at state, I would like to make it sometimes, cause I can’t just keep playing you local dudes at tournaments you know. Demo solid play man, you can challenge for the top spots consistently if you play the way you did. I noticed you hesitated a lot when I got aggressive, stick some pokes out there and half that shit i got away with will vanish. Roski, its like you go up a letter grade with each tournament, your skill is getting there you just need to work on your Tekken mind games, ( you don’t know it, but you so stole my run up wait delayed hop kick strat, i saw it like 5 times lol).

The above advice is in conjunction with line 50124 of the new NC board, productivity requirements, disregard if unwanted.

Glad to help make T6 hype! I know lots you of talk about wanting to get into t6, you’ve got a great tekken community and this game will not go away, ie your time investment will pay off, and this tekken is FUN.

Till next time…

Icoudlnt make it.

Trust me, I’ll see you homies at Lucky’s though.

Ed, How in the hell did you determine the tie break between placers below 4th place? :confused:

There were people who lossed at the same place in losers brakets that did not advance…

3rd strike (16 man braket)
12 people

hd (16 man bracket)
9 people

sf iv (1 dq)=buy (16 man braket)
15 people

Why in the hell were you not there? We needed a hype man!!!:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

What charater you going to rock in SSF IV, I need you to play Ibuki man!!!:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Yo good shit, good times

Was cool meeting some new dudes, gettin some info, making some friends

Keep supporting HDR! If anyone in NC wants to play the good stuff ever let me know, as long as people still hold hdr tourneys i’m still going to support that shit

see ya’ll next time

Ed thanks for looking out & for being a good host

Thank you so much, that means a lot.

Lets get ready to go back to G-BURO for luckys, get that money!!!

Thank you so much, that means a lot.

Lets get ready to go back to G-BURO for luckys, get that money!!!

Ed why’d you list me as Alex? I list you as Saisyu and Roski is actually my name (I mean Alex is too but…) :lol:

Thanks for the tournament; I had a blast. Thanks for addressing our concerns as well. Games are too fun and those woods are serious. I’m trying desperately to get a Lucky’s date but he hasn’t been able to confirm yet. I’m hoping for Feb 20th but it’s creeping up now (appreciate the shout too).

Cosby…that shit was strong in Tekken man. I really wanted to get at you. I don’t play this game as often as I like and I can’t remember all of my moves lol. I literally started using like 40% more moves each match. Unfamiliarity is a huge problem for me right now (defense, punishes, basically anything a character does other than Alisa).

What Tekken mindgames are you referring to? And man…that dash up wiggle delay hopkick is a Roski original for T6…ask Paul Z hahaha. Day 1. I was even talking to Mike watching you play and was like “look he does my shit.” Great minds think alike? Very good shit man. Shout to Charles too; that shit is sick.

Good games to everyone I played. Peaceeee

Dude …there both your name. LOL!!! Did not even notice till you said something, but I guess only locals would know you by that name so I sort of understand why.

Yes we will only use the right TV for 3rd and any other old ps2 games that need to be played, the left one will only be for Blaze Blue from now on. Man got to go out and by two crts next week. bah… lol!

3rd Strike is Life. Continental Breakfast was served to all. Good Shit in that 3S everyone.

Any Tekken vids?

Jive Out!

I will get in next 3rd tourney Ed…good shit 2 Demo with Dragunov and that krazy ass Hugo player…and dont 4get 2 stop by 9th St. at Snarks…Fuck what Yoshi says…Try it out with the sista and take Lamefrog out the competition…

Good stuff everyone, had fun.

Glad you had fun. Are you the guy that played Alex(the character in 3rd strike) by chance

Had lots of fun despite going 2 and oh. See ya’ll at next Lucky’s.

Glad you got those mods in. Thank you so much for what you did.