Durham Gamefrog Results!


Yeah, I’m Everett.


I had a great time at the tournament. I really missed the tournament environment as well as seeing all the old heads again. I look forward to the next tournament…I dont know if I can make it out to lucky’s but I will try my hardest.

Iceninja: good shit at the tournament! I havent seen some of those throw combos in forever it was making shit sooo hype. I have NEVER seen so many death cradles in one sitting, lol. I play at state as often as I can and If anyone else is hosting in RDU I will be there. That hasnt been too much recently, but hopefully that will pick up soon since the holidays have passed. I live in Durham now, too, so blake has come over to my place a couple of times as well.

Demo: Good shit to you, too! You and shaun were hungry and you had some hype matches. You were definately solid all day. The thing I respect the most whenever I play you is that your defense is always on point. Two things I saw in the matches that we played that I believe got me the win though: Spacing and Offense. I got inside a few times when I shouldnt have which let me start an offense. Gotta control your space with pokes or movement and keep the capos out. Similar to this, I recall punishing some backdashes as well. As for your offense, I caught on a bit at times so more variation could go a long way. Also, keep maintaining the pressure after juggles or knockdowns to make me guess wrong. Because of these two things, I wasnt afraid to approach and when I was on the defensive I could recover and come back. That was my approach to our matches. Your defense is good enough its hard enough to hit you when I DO get in, just dont give me any ground and make me respect your space.

Angus: First off, it was good seeing you again, man. Second, your bryan is tight. I was pulling for you in all your matches I saw. I hope you can adjust next time so your juggles and taunt juice is on point. Alot of the time I saw you trying taunt~f+2,1,4, I thought you should just go bare bones and do 1+2,2. Less damage but easier in that environment.

D-block: Your lars is nice! You were running everyone for a minute and its cause that shit is cheap, lol. Wish I got to play you more as well.

Mike: Wow, you have a nice Xiaoyu and Kuma! I dont know what the hell those characters can do. That kuma was making people scared all day…I can see why you did well last gamefrog.

Anna/Roger jr./Lee player: Good shit to you, too! I remember when I started to play you I was caught completely off guard cause I thought “this guy knows how to play!” lol. I didnt get to play you too much, but you were solid. Demo says you are in the area…if that is true you should try to make it to a state gathering or something. Good stuff.

Asuka player: Good stuff to you too! You and your friend caught me off guard and it was a great start to the tournament day for me. Now that I think about it, i’m not sure if you entered in the tekken tournment or not. Either way, if you are local you should come out to a gathering and get some games in…good players for most games are usually present.

Saisyu: Good shit on running the tournament, Ed. I didnt get a chance to play you in the tournament, but you sure did make it enjoyable enough for me. Too many wolves…

Everyone: I could give more shoutouts, but I really had a great time playing everyone. Everyone was doing some good shit and it made my day just to get the playtime. Also, I hope people dont think I was scrubbing people out by picking Christie so no bad blood there. I play Christie/Eddy and Bryan in T6 and have fun with both characters. However, I will always play both characters in tournaments so if anyone wants some tips or experience against the capos just give me a shout. I will do my best to explain the risk/reward of my playstyle.


I think what Will is referring to is the fact that results are 1,2,3,4,5,5,7,7,9,9,9,9,13,13,13,13 and so on as far as ties go.


<—Anna/Lee/ Roger Jr player (Duncan).

Yeah Caveman good games, I see you said you live in Durham, me and the Asuka player do too, live right around Duke. The asuka player is a more serious student than me so I wont speak for him but I am LITERALLY always down to play some games if you are close by (no car = / ).


wish i could have made it but congrats to the placers u guys :slight_smile:


Amazing tourney happy to see everyone again. I will be entering the next Tekken 6 you can bet that. Shit just way too hype!


Oh, ok. Maybe we will get in some GG next time when my crts come in feb eh?
I did re-check and the sony tvs are 720p native res and game mode active stops post processing completely. No lag on SF IV, T6, KOF XII, BB, OR HD-REMIX. Need crts for 3rd, GG, MB.

720p gamefrog tv wega

* Display Resolution : 1280 x 720
* Horizontal Center : +50 to -50
(* Native Resolution : 720p)
* Vertical Center : +50 to -50
* Vertical Size : Yes
* Viewing Angle : Right/Left: 170, Up/Down: 170

I am going to send you some Alex info that you might be interested in.

Gamefrog tournament possible on Feb 13, will have answer tomorrow. Hype!!!


was there any vids for t6 this time?


This is not true. No game mode stops post processing completely, and those TVs lagged noticeably by far more than my own assession. If you get the CRTs, then all is well; playing 3S on those projection screens was just plain sad lol.


Ed I told you I had a evo monitor bra! I have 2 now & they run 2ms of lag with hdmi so that’s pretty much unnoticeable even to the pro gamer keen eye. I’ll bring them to luck’s and frog’s next time around unless anybody objects


Damn you got another one!? But yeah, most people either like or are at least accepting of the Asus monitors (but PS2 shit is not good on anything but CRT really though). Yo I left you a message too Hector.


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea!!! got his aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss!! higlight of the night lol


I double checked and it does not remove it all, but I was at gamefrog today and there is no problem in play in KOF XII, T6, SF IV,BB, HD-REMIX.

Of three people you, roski, and kevin m. only exspressed concern, I asked everybody were they feeling any lag and the answer was no. Ask HD guys, VA guys, and T6 guys and the all responed with" it feels fine to me."
For hd games our tvs do not lag.

I do agree that I will need to get crts for gg,mb, and 3rd. But to be honest most of these game will be dead after evo anyway.


I will agree that the front left big screen is bad for old games because it only puts out @ 1080i. I am a former employee of GameFrog and I know them like the back of my hand, to add to that I helped load them into the store. I have also been witness to as well as helped with the calibration. I too asked around @ the tourny if people were experiencing any lag and I got the answer no across the board.


ed with "yeaaaaaaa! I slam dunked his neck! Haaahaaaaaaaa! Shit was funny


I didn’t notice any lags on the tvs at gamefrog, if you don’t do well in casual play you go home and practice more without blaming your shortcomings on a system or tv. Native 720p tvs rarely lag on a 720p native game which most and just about all fighting games are. Had to do some research but my hunch was right on those tvs at gamefrog not lagging…
end note play hd games on a hdtv (i’m sorry street fighter looks and plays ugly on a sdtv i’m hoping lucky’s has upgraded)
and play non - hd games on a sdtv
only entered one tournament and the experience was great, there were no complaints or complainers and saw some great things like a rolling death cradle during tournament play, i don’t think you’ll see multiple perfectly executed multithrows on laggy televisions, good games everyone hope to everyone at the next tourney.
good games everyone
i’m just a little bugged about people complaining


Well, the other people who noticed said lag were Roski and Kevin, who finished 1 and 2 in the SF4 tournament, and Jibbo, who didn’t enter because of the lag. As far as “my shortcomings” are concerned, I did just fine in casuals. I simply chose not to enter because I knew that the lag could cost me a match against the people I came there to beat. If you don’t believe me, play me the next time you see me. I’m more than happy to show you and anyone else that my skill level is not to blame, and for any amount of money you want to put up. As far as doing things like combos and death cradles are concerned, none of this has anything to do with lag.

As far as the “findings” and “research” are concerned, where is it? Here’s mine, which is backed up with facts. ALL HDTVs lag for ALL games; it’s a matter of how much, and the more you play online, the less you’ll notice it. As far as the look of the games goes, I agree I’d rather it look good, but not at the expense of playability.

Just to clarify, in case the mood of this post seems a little angry, I’m not in any way trying to bash this venue or anyone involved with running the tournament. I had a good time regardless of any of these issues. I simply think that things could be better, and feel like it would be wrong for things to keep going this way when improvement isn’t difficult. A tournament venue within two hours of me is something that’s pretty rare, and I’ll continue showing up and supporting especially if there are CRTs next time (I paid the venue fee without entering a single tournament lol).


Cool man, I’d appreciate that.


:u: to matt defense a tv with native 720p hooked up 2 a system outputing 720p will lag. If the tv lags it doesnt matter even if its on gamemode. All THAT does is lower the post processing the fancy hdtv is putting out, so its still gonna lag 9 0f 10 times. Especially Sony brands which are known to lag period. Im new to the scene so my keen eye is not 2 par to gamers who have been the scene competitively for some years. IMO i would rather play on a sdtv anyday than a fancy hdtv with lag in a competitively scene.


On Lag

“The only way to completely avoid lag on any system is to only play games at a resolution in which your HDTV doesn’t have to do any scaling.” Fubarduck

Also by using VGA cables you BYPASS post processing on MOST HDTV’s completely. You get pretty graphics and no post processing lag.