Durham Gamefrog Tournament Oct 3, 2009 "Virgo Violincia"

An extra ps2

Yo big homie I will be gettin my PS2 to you before A.S.A.N. (As Soon As Needed):qcf: :hp: . I’m bad on cash though so I may not compete.

I am hype to see the Blaze Blue tournament as well as finally checkin out the KOFXII. I’m ready man.

Game run time flow…

#1) Tekken 5:Dark Ressurection [2:45 P:M]
Run it till done. Free play for anbody else. Get that play time in!

#2) Start to warm up for 3rd strike next and the we will go from there… Ready Go!!!

Im excited cant wait to see you Roski.

Is anyone coming through the Raleigh area that can pick me up? I was going to ride with Austin, but he can’t go.

Um, there have been regular tournaments in RDU and Greensboro for a couple of years now. Where have you been?