Durham,N.C Gamefrog Lock-in Feb 12, 2010 (Cage Fight #4)

Durham,N.C Gamefrog Lock-in Party Feb 12, 2010"Cage Fight 4"
Gamefrog prestents…
a SaiSyu Production…

NorthGate Mall
1058 W.Club Blvd.
Space 832
Durham,N.C 27701


Start Time: 9:00 P:M till 9:00 A:M

“Cage Fight 4”

Reg: $10

Round Robin-Ranbat tournaments plus prizes. [Tournaments(*)]

Street Fighter III:3rd Strike*

King of Fighters XII*

Street Fighter II’ X: HD-Remix*

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

The King Of Iron Fist Tournament: Tekken 6*

Street Fighter IV*

Blaze Blue: CT*

Melty Blood

Free Pizza and Drinks all night!!! Leady Go!!!

Is that Durham USA, or Durham Ontario ?

North Carolina. At the top" Durham, N.C". Sorry for the mix-up. If you have not voted for the 7th game at evo make sure you pick KOF XII!!! KOF XII on the big screen at EVO lets get it!!! Leady…GO!!!

Any need for dual modding, or should I wait til Lucky’s?

Since this going to be before lucky’s It would be good for you to come.

Yo Ed you can def expect me to be there, I love the people that show up to the gamefrog matches.

you can do my stick there bro.

It’s 10 dollars for each game or just venue?

Alright, I’ll be going. If ya want your stick modded come to the lock in!

Just the venue, thanks.

I’m new to this but if I show up with ten dollars at the designated time I will be able to take part in a beating of a virtual nature rather than physical, right?

That is exactly right. Good stuff man, look to see you there.

I’ll be there, with 360 and if I can get it running right I’ve got HnK on my laptop. . .for anyone who’d be interesting in playing that. . .

Good stuff!! I found you a 360 stick as well, I will call you with more details.

Does anybody have a copy of BB:CS on their labtop they could bring to the lock-in?

I’ll definitely be back out for this one, can’t pass up half price :smiley:

Only 10? Yeah ill be there. See you guys tm.

Just put in the order for the pizza tonight. SaiSyu is #1!!! See you tonight!!! Leady…GO!!!

ffff, I thought this was saturday, what a debacle.

Date is at the top, check the thread next time.