Durham,N.C Gamefrog Tournament"Decade Damage"Jan 23,2010-KOF XII/T6/SFIV/BB/3RD/HDR

KOF12 is kind of new. . .not really all that fun but new. . .and I can always bring my 360 with KOF98UM if that’d be prefered. . .

That is a great idea. Lets get that 98 in as well!

cough MVC2 cough


I’ll be there and I’ll bring my PS3. However, I would say that time and interest allowing, I would like to have a GG tourney. If it can get at least 8 heads, I don’t see why we can’t run it.

If you can get 8 heads we will run it.

I’ll be there. Count me in as one of the 8 for GG.

Saisyu, have you considered Melty Blood? A lot of the Raleigh guys play.

I will pull a side tv for MB if people would like to run a side tournament.:tup:

I’ll play almost whatever you hold there. . .Can bring anything you need on the 360. . .

i think i might have to come check this one out

Thanks Edward, I can run the Melty tourney if it’s not a problem.

For those who play GG I will enter GG so numbers will be acceptable.

We’ll probably make it to this.

All this MB/GG talk makes me want to go. So I guess I’ll see you guys there.

I should be there for BB and GG.

I’ll try to get down there for SFIV and HDR.

Yo for HDR I can bring two HDD’s with the game on it, do I need to bring the 360’s themselves as well? I’ll have a stick and a fightpad that can go on loan as long as folks are careful with’em if controller compatibility is a concern, and I know some like minded dudes bringing 360 sticks that might also share. Or do we need to run this thing on PS3’s for simplicity’s sake?

PS3 is what most people have for a stick but we will play it by ear and use both.

Just to make sure, will I be guaranteed a Ps3 pad if I come out to this? I’m a pad player and unfortunately I only have a 360. I will try to borrow a pad from a friend, but I’m not certain that I’ll be able to. Just wanna be prepared. Thanks in advance!

Yes you will have access to a pad. Look to see you there.

Confirmed that Kevin and myself are coming for sure. Gotta talk to DP. He’ll more than likely come with us. Gamefrog was the first place I ever went to for a SF gathering when I moved here. Been a long while since I been back. Good times Ed?

Oh and on the 360 thing with HDR. You’ll need to bring the xbox they were orginally downloaded on otherwise you’ll need the internet to sign on to your account and reactivate the games on a new xbox. It’s how microsoft keeps people from swapping arcade games.