Durham,N.C New Year Tournament Jan 7, 2006

Winner is…

Capcom VS SNK

3)Jimmy the Killer

Marvel VS Capcom 2
4)Bloody Yutaka
5)Sie Clayton
6)Tie! Cajunstrike/P-Soul

Street Fighter III:Third Strike
1)GrownMan:aka Sean. T
5)Tie! Kevin/Megazangief

Samuria Showdown 2
5)Return of Shiki
6)Jion Wansu

1)Sie Clayton
3)GrownMan aka:Sean. T
4)Panther Neo/Geo
6)Beast of Fire

SoulCalibur 3
1)Samurai X
3)Beast of Fire
5)Tie!Panther Neo/Geo, AB Styles

       Thanks For Playing to all that helped make this tournament a success.


                                               GAME OVER

Edmondantes… thought you were #1 in NC bro!!! you upset me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

wow I got sixth? thought I did worse. just didn’t have it, left it at home. maybe it had to do with the asswhooping eddie gave me at crabtree the night before. haha. i’ve kinda lost focus with stuff going on in my life, but Lao’s willing to give me some shaolin training, so we shall see. where can I buy a copy of ngbc? ss2 is way too hot, I think I’m gonna try to buy me a neogeo. put ss3 on the next tourney, and the “upper king” will take home the gold, haha.

damn who beat cajun’s makoto?? sorry to post a random question but i saw this doods makoto in action at outer limits a way back beat a nasty ken…damn who beat him must a been nice.

also you guys had sam sho, damn this is a ge’d up tourney i’ll try to come to the next one for god’s sake damn this is hype, i thought no one played this shit

coughHUGOcough :slight_smile:

good tourney though, but next time I think it definitely needs to be a bit more organized. Dont rely on prereg on SRK to find out who is playing or not, have everyone sign up when they pay.

Sean was on fire with his Ryu. That’s how we roll Chapel Hill style.

Seemed like everytime I turned around Makoto already had someone dizzy. I’ll just stick with the Neo Geo’s and CVS. I don’t have the patience to screw around with SF3

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Congrats to Lu, Saisyu, Rod, Shaun C, Fayetteville and all the other placers with another shout to Sean T for wrecking shop ALL DAY in Third and just shutting my shit down. Much congratulations man.

Tournament and after was too fun. Thanks again Saisyu.


Sdouble: Whatsup man. Yeah, Sean T. had my number and wouldn’t stop f*cking calling it ALL DAY. =p Much props.

Sean T. has really gotten this shit back on my mind. His playstyle evolved like mad…GET IN MY GRAB RANGE! =p I’m gonna try my best to continue to level up. No excuses, I’m not gonna take anything away from his win. Man…second set of grand finals and he busts out a baited Shinsho that wasn’t even on my mind because I don’t think he did that AT ALL in the 16 matches we played. Ended that shit with a Strong Arm Steady! Good, good shit man. :karate: Hopefully we’ll meet again next grand finals somewhere.

Real good tourneys all around. Glad people came thru. See yall next time.

Good ish everybody; great to see you all as always. Congrats to the winners, and thanks for the props on Samurai. This was a fun one, even if turnout was a little light.

Triad really came up in Marvel, nice work fellas.

I’ll be at the RodCave per usual; see you guys 'round. Take care.

Good games to all.

I did better than I thought I would in some games, and worse in others. But hey, as long I keep growing…great fighting spirits!

1st place for one tourney

2nd place in another

and in top 6 for three.

Only eight dragons can do that baby!

Will try to get tighter with the next tourney and focus on day of tourney sign up’s and have a separate sheet to compare.

Good stuff in Samurai Edmondantes! The samurai spirit is calling you home.

Well it was a fun tournament. NGBC is too good. Sucks that my wrists and thumb could not make it through even one tourney game. I am here by nnouncing my retirement. Tournament play is just to stressfull on my injured arms.

If you need help running another Gamefrog Tournament and I am not busy that day I could help you out Ed. Also I might do casual play every so often.

im sorry i didnt go, wish i did, but money was tight and i was in ashville, so i had to wake up around 8 oclock just to get there on time.

sorry peeps. i will try to go to the next nc tourney, Mega, when is the next tourney in fayetville?

will it be arcade?

I hate to tell you this but they closed down the Mindboggle over here and are going to replace it with a Lenscrafters. As a matter of fact, it closed down at the end of last year. The next tournament I know in NC is in Gastonia and Ken told me of another one in Winston/Salem sometime in March. Somehow I doubt Fun Fun Fun is going to hold any tournaments.

sup ya’ll I had a blast at the tournament even though I was tired as hell when I got there. The night before I didn’t get home until like 4 am (because of my damn flat tire) and left around 8. I had fun playing some games in mvc2 and cvs2. 3s started pretty late and I just wanted to hurry up and finish it up. It was pretty interesting I must say. Saw some new faces and some old ones. Congrats to all the winners. Me and James (go fayetteville!) won cvs2 and mvc2. I wanted to play some more casuals against rod because my favorite team to play against will always be steroids. I had some intense matchups in cvs2 and jimmy you’re an rc whore but that didn’t stop me from winning. I will try to come to winston with some better matchups so until next time keep improving.

If we ever get new cabinets for 3s and cvs2. Also installed new perfect 360 sticks and convex buttons for mvc2. There’s a possibility it might happen. I know people who work there so I’m trying to get in contact and see what I can do about it.

Good looking out. I had meant to give Mega my cell # in case some stuff comes up. I plan on checking out Gastonia next month and see if I can’t break my streak of bad luck on consoles. Dumb question: You know any places mainstream or otherwise selling converters? I’ve no desire to be caught unprepared like recently lest people get the wrong idea about my “fighting” abilities.

I’d Kill a homeless guy to have a new sam sho not on a neo geo at a tournament just ONCE.

Also, WRU Guilty Gear?

Oh well, grats to winners. Cept myself because it’s bad eitiquette to grats yourself. And damn NGBC looks a bit fun, I’m gonna have to find me a swap magic so I can play it. Anyone know where I can buy one?

And on a final note, sorry for not hanging around for the after party that always ensues, I was more tired than a prostitute working double shifts so I just ninja vanished and went to sleep. I gotta start coming around the community more and quit playing WoW so fucking much >_<

Ya arcade is gone for the time being. They have another one here, but the cabinets are pretty shitty so. There may be a possibility for a future tournament but I need to find a good place to run it, so we will see.

Maybe if someone gets the bright idea to get some of those games Mindboggle had over there. I wish I had told Frank to try and do that when he was unplugging everything. Has anyone talked to Jin lately?

Those games in our arcade were rented from a company, so he didnt own them. As for Jin I think I heard someone say he was helping Frank out in Greenville set shit up and working over there, but I am not sure how true that is.

Also maybe when things get settled down at that arcade maybe I can try to organize ways to run tournaments over there, we will just all have to travel :(.