Durham, NC Gamefrog Tournament:"HeartBreaker" 2 /23/ 2008

I had so much fun with you guys!!! This is the way I remember playing fighting games. Thanks for making it real for me.:angel:

CVS 2 great matches people!!!
1)Jibroni Kenshin
2)Tenki Sensei
3)SaiSyu Kusanagi

Yeah, thats right I got top 3 baby!!!

Single elemination 3rd strike too hype!

Face knocks out Cajunstrike and Jibbo takes Yang to glory with a third round perfect on my monster Alex!!! :wow:Unreal!!!:tup:
3)Common Sense

Tekken 5 DR
1)(Bruce Player?)
3)Ace Unlimited
Post up your comments and tell people what when down!!!

Congrats to Jibbo. Another 1st place finish for Team Hobo.:smokin:

I think you got the sensai’s and jabroni’s mixed up, cause I know Kev got first in CvS. But man, glad I came to this, I had a great time even in cvs2 and ngbc. It was more of a (much needed) gathering than a tournament imo, but with that said the single elim, one match 3s tournament was pretty hype. Nice work Saisyu!


Who was responsible for this? :looney::rofl:

Game Amphibian too strong.

Congrats to Face and Jibbo in 3rd Strike.

Thanks Roski, Blake, and Saisyu for the advice.

Good seeing you again Panther, you need to come to MOAR tournaments.

Great games to Kevin in Super Turbo. I need to overcome my problems with Ryu :sad:

I was very impressed with your play Jibbo. Your Moriya’s execution is SOLID and your Shermie is just good as the best I’ve seen, even in videos. All you need is experience with the crazy, wacky stuff in the game and you’ll go straight to the top in no time.

:chat: JiBz…

:chat: JiBJibz…

:chat: JiBboz…

:wonder: Nice work hombre.

Common, you got 3rd place. Way to go you little Doodley beast you. Kevin, awesome job taking CvS2. Nice to see you all enjoyed yourselves, props to Ed for running this. I’ll try to see y’all at the next tournament… dood.

JiBbo, we need to have a yang showdown next time I see you :P. Excellent work. Maybe we’ll see each other if I make it to any tourneys next month.

The what tournaments? :wonder:

…JIBBS! Dream match - The curse has ended!

Good shit to Bryan, DP, Shoryukevin, Tom, and Karl. Fun matches guys. See ya in a week!

Epic match Alex. Made up for my terrible performance in just about every casual match I played before that one. But the true winner of the night has to be MC Chris.

$21 for 45 minutes of improv. GGPO TenkiCajunFace.

Hey good times at the tournament, thanks Ed for hosting and I gotta watch out for that P groove madness next time:looney:

Again I’m just gonna post if anyone has any idea of the whereabouts on the Tekken Stick I left at Gamefrog, I would really appreciate it if someone could post up and if they have it to please bring it to next week’s tournament. Sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone.

Congrats to the winners, I had a good time playing everyone Alex, Ed, Shiki(I dont think I ever got your name), Those guyz with Akuma and their sneaky handoff ways, um there were others, but I cant recall names to faces. Thanks Blake for driving to Bali hi, Thanks Lu for mentioning Bali hi, Peter will get a 10 next time.

Dave Paull and Tomas I’ll see you around town
…How bout THE NEW GUY!!!

… The New Guy!!!

was it recorded? :smile: ?

Um… you guys were straight robbed. Whoever made those brackets should be shot.

Being that Saisyu ran the tournament, he’s probably ultimately responsible, and guess what, he’s also the beneficiary of this bracket foul up. Two byes to the finals after playing Majors… who hates 3rd!

Better be some explaining, or there will be some boycotting. This just looks super shady.

1)nothing has to be exsplained to you, you are nobody when it come the affairs of my tournament.

2)people that were going to play left.

3)tournament was free, do you not read? No because your in some ones eles’s bizness and did not take the time to see that nobody was complaining becuase it was free for the 100 time just for you Renegade.

  1. I do not or have not ever posted unfactual stuff in a VA thread every.
    Tournament was for my guys, and they had fun. The end.

  2. And just to put the nail in the coffin when was the last local tournament where 41 people came out for one game and 38 for another ? Answer: Tekken 5 (Hope Valley North Location )Gamefrog Durham 2005 and Street Fighter III :3rd strike.

  3. You my furry little friend are free to go out this door.

I got your stick bro, do not worry. SaiSyu

Peace and one love one God.

lol that T5DR tournament wasn’t even finished. Certain people never showed up to finish their matches. I won the only two matches that i had. At any rate I don’t think those results are very accurate…but of course good games to Reggie,VictoryBlows and anybody else that I played. Saisyu, even though there wasnt a “true” tournament", it was cool to have played all those games anyway. Once again, thanks for a good time.

It wasn’t shady at all. The person who did the brackets simply didn’t know how to do it right. I didn’t take offense to it at all, it was more hilarious than anything.

First things first.

I’m really glad about that. As a tourney director myself, I get upset when shady shit goes down, and I’m glad it was just a free fuck around tourney. Good job taking it down, you should of had to go through roski… did he play urien or something?

Now, (cracks knuckles)… Ed. Let me go through your post piece by piece.

Negative sir. I am a “POTENTIAL CUSTOMER” when it comes to NC tournaments. I’ve come to NC tourneys multiple times, I’ve organized trips to come down there. I’ve driven multiple VA players down on several occasions. If you think I’m a nobody, I just won’t bother showing up again.

That doesn’t explain the brackets at all. There aren’t any names crossed off on those brackets, so you obviously made those brackets AFTER people left. Just use a 8 man bracket with 2 play in matches. Easy. It’s kinda sad that someone running tourneys as long as you would make a bracket that looked like that.

Yes I do read. I read the tournament announcement thread.

Which indicates that it was advertised as a paid tournament.

Also… looking over the posts in this thread… The first post that indicates that it was a free tournament was yours after I had posted. No other post says that 3S was “free”. None. Zero. Nadda. So… based on the information available, how was I to ascertain that the 3S tourney was free?

A Ouija board?

Actually, everything in my post was fact.

  1. The bracket creator needs to be shot.

This is true. It’s quite possibly the worst bracket I’ve ever seen. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. *

  1. That you were the beneficiary of this bracket foul up.
    *This is also true. You received two byes into Grand Finals, while everyone else had 0 byes. That sound right to you? *

  2. This looks shady and needs to be explained.
    *This is also true. Given the fact it was advertised as a pay tourney, and nothing was said on the results that stated otherwise… It LOOKS definitely shady and needed to be explained. I’m glad it WAS explained. *

Wonder if any Virginia players made it out to those tourneys. Or if that Gamefrog Durham tournament was the one were I came down, fixed the brackets, remade them, and ran the tourney for free. I actually still paid a venue fee and all of my tournament entries. Keep on bragging.

This doesn’t make sense at all. Are you trying to imply that I’m hairy? I’m not, and how would you know, anyway? Been trying to get naked pics of me?
Or are you trying to imply that I’m some kind of animal… perhaps a dog? Ok. Then a canine can make a bracket and run a good tournament and you cannot.

**Look, I’m glad it ended up being no big deal. My original post was to say that the bracket looks shady and messed up, and needed explaining. I got that, and it’s all good. **Then you came in with all this bluster and tell me I don’t matter and that I lied or something. That caused this post.

If you will notice, that, unlike yourself, I refrained from ad hominem attacks and discussed the issue at hand civilly. If you feel you MUST retort, please keep that in mind. For me, the issue is over. Free tourney, bad bracket. The end.

Your so stupid. Stay safe and come home.