Durham, NC - Summer Slugfest 6.18.05 - Results! (Finally!)

First off let me say this was one of the most smoothly-running Gamefrog Tournaments yet. Thanks to everyone who showed up and those who helped out, as well as recording matches (which will be up soon hopefully). Solid turnout, especially in Tekken. We appreciate VA making it down, and Charlotte we missed you in Third Strike, as well as the Fayetteville crew in various games. :tup:

I don’t have the brackets, so hopefully I can update this with full results once I get all the names.

1st - Billy Hummel “moosehummel” Richmond, VA
2nd - Shaun Cosby “IceNinja” Durham, NC
3rd - Robin Palm “Renegade” Richmond, VA

Third Strike
1st - Alex Roski “Cajunstrike” Winston-Salem, NC
2nd - Erik Petersen “Lord Doom” Durham, NC
3rd - Shaun Cosby “IceNinja” Durham, NC

Tekken 5
1st - Mike Brandt “Jinmaster” VA
2nd - Ryan Cadienit “RyRy” VA Beach
3rd - Dwayne Sands “LOC” VA

1st - Mike Brandt “Jinmaster” VA
2nd - Doug Wilkinson “longshot” Raleigh, NC
3rd - Jonathan Layton “Mr. Bushido” Raleigh, NC

1st - Blake Mansour “Beast of Fire” Durham, NC
2nd - Alex Roski “Cajunstrike” Winston-Salem, NC
3rd - Shaun Cosby “IceNinja” Durham, NC


-Thanks to Saisyu for setting this up yet again.
-Shaun, damn man, I felt like I was playing you all day. I know you got a nerve struck near the end there, but good shit as usual all over the place. Congrats on placing top 3 in 3 games.
-Good to see all you guys from Winston coming out of nowhere. We’ll get some matches.
-Ducking Jab! Coming out of nowhere. You’re homeless and you’ll still rock that 3rd. Good shit man, real nice stuff especially considering the rust you were shaking off. Nice to see you again.
-Stinemire - getting a little crazy in that 3rd man. Good shit.
-Erik, awesome finals man. Urien vs. Urien was a nice throwback.
-Phil, I heard the beats again man, I did. I don’t think you really like any other character.
-SieClayton, if you still like tournaments, you’ll get em next time. Your teaching abilities are much appreciated.
-My placing 2nd in #r was a fluke, and thats the damn truth. Something was in the air, it had to be.
-Ryucross, thanks for the workmanship. Good stuff in #r.
-I play Tekken horribly, thanks for beating my ass everybody!
-Moose and Robin, I know yall don’t play really play Third, but good matches nonetheless.
-Eddie, thanks for taping everything and keeping my ass glued to the #r seat.
-Thanks to all those helping with the brackets, excluding myself, who did a shitty job. :stuck_out_tongue:
-Congrats to everyone.
-Dale, Potemkin vs. Potemkin was a nice change from all the blocking we usually have to do, as big, slow, no-dash roided Geif players. Real fun matches in #R to everyone.
-Beast of Fire…I GOT A ROUND!
-Good to see mostly everybody again, Rod, Wayne, #6 w/ Cheese, Darrell, Endris. Wish everyone could’ve gotten to hang out longer. Sorry to anyone I’ve forgotten.

Hell of a good time everyone. Hopefully another will roll around here soon.

Peace. :tup:


Shout outs-

-Edward - First and foremost, since without you this shit wouldn’t happen. Thanks for keeping the community alive in NC :tup:
-Will - Always good to see you man. Sucks you did so bad in Calibur, but, we’re all rusty. Once 3 hits, we’ll be the same force we used to be back in the day. NC’s gonna win nats for once in something this time around.
-Doug - Damn man, if you hadn’t been there I might have won Calibur. Thanks to you I was knocked out both times. Good shit, we should play more often. I forgot how much of a bitch it is to dissect that sophitia, and I deffiantely lacked the patience to do it saturday. Keep it up.
-Blake - Well man, you’re a beast as usual. Grats on winning. Robo and Slayer are leveling up everyday, so don’t go to sleep on me.
-Eddie - Good job running the brackets for GG. Me and you didn’t beat our 0-2 promise, but, next time…it’ll be another story. WE NEED TO TRAIN.
-Ron - Man, I know you hate me, but really, don’t take the stuff so seriously. You beat me in tournament play and that’s what counts, right?
-Mike - Damn…when did you get good at third?
-Roski - haven’t talked to you much before this touranment, but you seemed like a pretty cool guy. Super good shit in reload and 3S.
-Everyone I beat in Tekken - Go kill yourself. I suck.

Ok that’s it…anyone I missed, sorry, you probably weren’t cool enough.

I know lucious got 4th in CvS2, and I got fourth in 3S… WIth Q! Granted… it felt like no one i played knew how to play against him.

Good games everyone, thanks for having us.

Oh and Eric Peterson… we’ll get that money match. Better practice up.

Good job to everyone who placed and even just went to the tournament and played. I will think of more later I am sure. I am hungry now and need to go on my lunch break.

Ya thanks man. I am working on a little something something for you next time. Got a new character in the wings. Great job on placing in GG#r and for winning 3S.

Let’s see about a lil over a week ago lol.

Ya, I know I sure didn’t. Maybe next time I can get a match or two on him ha ha. BTW great seeing you and Moose again.

Durham is to powerfull yo. Look at King cheese. Not a bad days work. I had to get you back in SC2 for you putting me into losers in 3rd.

Special shout outs to Jinmaster, LOC, and RyRy for coming down and taking all the money in T5. lol. Nina is too strong yo.

Damn guys, i live in Hickory…i need to make it out to Durham some time for a tourney or two!

Edward- Good job on another tournament. Thanks for the grub.
Blake- Good to see you.
Dale- Next time you won’t escape Gomu Gomu no Buzzsazw Trap
Doug- Good to see you again after a while. I’ll have to hit you up on AIM when I see you about your stick.
Jon- I don’t hate you, I was just frustrated that I was losing to Slayer. Granted, if I was angry, it was at myself/Slayer. Me for being an idiot, and Slayer for being a cheesy bitch.
Mike- Thanks for coming to get me and for the couch to crash on.
Lu- Thanks for the ride back to GSO.
Alex- Damn man, First, Second and THIRD!!!
Philip- Good to see ya. Need to hang out some more. Lemme know what you want to do with your stick.
Eddie- Finally had your first tournament, and you ran GG. Must of been rough.

Everyone else - See ya next time.

3S finals and winner finals please.

I wish I wasn’t in Texas. Sounds like it was a great tourny. But you guys know how horrible I am on console anyway. :shake:

Jive Out!

Yah, Semi-finals onward were recorded for every game, except CVS2. Which may of been recorded, or lost, I’m not sure.

Hey! You used Chun too, you bastard. :karate: I shouldn’t, but I really hate fighting Q with Makoto.

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Great seeing everybody, you’re welcome Dale, pleasure meeting you Dub, congrats to the winners & all, good job VA, good job NC, thanks Ed as always. Nice showings Roski & King Cheese… :karate:


[EDIT: …and thanks again, Blaine. :cool:]

Nice Job Va, holdin it down… taking 3 of 5 tourney’s… im guessin we didnt have anyone for #R… i woulda entered for shitz n giggles… :encore:

Actually, I didn’t win a single game with Chun in the tourney. I only picked her against you b/c i felt my Q would die horribly. My Chun got crushed, and come the rematch, I almost won with Q. Go figure.

Where the vids? Bring on the vids!

Jive Out!

Late as always. Had a hectic past few days. Anyways…

-Edward, thanks for putting this all together
-Rod, good meeting you finally, and thanks ever so much for sharing…
-Sixty and the rest of New Bern, good meeting you guys
-Roski, I want my rematch! Bring your ass Saturday night
-Brent(Purify), good to meet you, you will be getting a call the next time we have a GG session
-Des, stay random…it’s a good thing
-Shaun, thanks again for the stick, good meeting you
-Wayne, good seeing you again
-Mike, we won’t tell Eric about the drink in his car
-Eric, good seeing you again, forget you read the previous line
-Phillip, I WILL make you talk more, ask Ron
-Blake, Jon, Ron, Charles, Doug, Dale, I see you guys enough I can say what’s needed later
-Anyone I missed…you were a part of that day which will keep me going to tournies…just keep that in mind.

And for those of you wondering about the vids…like I said this week has been hectic with trying to find a new apt and stuff but I will be starting to cap those tomorrow. Roski, I’m gonna need some help figuring out what matches are what on the 3S tape. Jon, same for SC. And anyone that knows what was going on on the Tekken tape please offer help.

And everyone is of course invited Saturday night for the last session that will happen at my current apt. Here’s the rules:

  1. ANY GAME can be played.
  2. Winner takes a shot or chugs half a beer.
  3. Don’t pass out with your shoes on or you’re free grafitti space.
  4. Green onion in designated area only!!!
  5. Have fun or get the fuck out

That about sums it up.

Dub out

Dub, as far as I know, we wrote the matches down on the brackets. That shouldn’t really be needed though, I could easily tell ya who by checking out the characters. People using the same character had enough of a different playstyle I can identify it.

If you want to send me a raw version (if you’re going to put the names on the vid) - or I could probably do it just by you telling me who’s playing - I could give you definates.

Had fun yet again with a fighting game tourny(probably cause i lived 3min from the location). I really wish we had Garou and KOF 03 in tourny cause i really had fun playing those games while getting ready for the tourny.

Overall another great tourny all the usual faces get the usual props.

Roski - felt like i had you finished in both games just could get my shit together. if i play in anothe #R tourny i will play someone other than Ky. Good Stuff

Moose- i gave you 2 matches of some of my best but i just could not keep up at the high level it takes to have a chance to beat you. Congrats

Doom- piss sucks

Dub-glad you like the stick
Rod-nice hat
Shin Joey-glad you could make it cousin showed them the power of Gun Joey.
BOF-glad you made it
Lu- good seeing ya finally got you but i know you were in chill mode
Butner dudes- good to see some new faces if any of you post see whats up maybe you can swing through the HOC for a couple of games

By the way i am the states best fighting game player…Period.

was fun to go and just relax and watch some good matches.

Good to see the regulars again.

Thank You to everbody that came out. I have new ideas for single game tourney battle royals for the coming year including team Soulcaliber, 3rd strike, CVS2,GAROU and much much more.

Placings look good to me Cajunstrike, I lost the brackets some were, I think I left them at Bloody Yukata’s place but anyway good games to all and hope to see you in SEP.

Have a great summer yall.

Orochi :badboy:

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Do you happen to have the footage from our older Fayetteville tournies. Like, the match between me and you? Mega made it available on scrubtactic101.com at the time. But that site is no longer availabe.

Jive Out!

Yo Jive. I have Me vs You, Phillip vs You (winner’s bracket and GFs), Phillip vs Dave, and Me vs Ecko. Get at me on aim or something and I can send em to ya.