Durham, NC - Summer Slugfest 6.18.05 - Results! (Finally!)

Nope, they are not at my place.

-Des, stay random…it’s a good thing

HA. Like Mike said. “Dez I bet you could own people like Justin 'cause they wouldnt know what to exspect.”

What is this nonsense? And you don’t even have the brackets? A professional tournament has results in a timely manner. Seeing as you don’t have the brackets or know where they are who was going to do it?

I wouldn’t take too much life advice from 50 Cent. He’s not a thug, he just plays one on TV - and he can’t rap for shit. Let him keep on making Candy Shop’s and 21 Questions’ with the same R&B beats rhyming about cakes and leave him alone. That quote means nothing to me.

Aight guys calm down. Heres a better quote…“Where is the love?” :sad:

Was not meant for you, more like a statement to make people think.
Growning up and respecting each other and to put the egos in the bottle is the only way these friendships will last. “DEEP”

I did think it was cute though because it was over due and I could not find them. Above that I said “Good job Cajunstrike placings look good to me.” You did read that right.

No, you only saw what you wanted to see. Respond to fast, look before you parry.

The professional part was when I paid everybody for their time and work. You won a tourney and $20 back on top of that and blessed to have you on this tournament as well.

I lost money but my tourney was good. Thats all I cared about.

Orochi will continue to be the best. Bar none.

like the meaning and 50 dose suck. :tup:

Ever since Charlotte Mindboggle closed down I personally like the Fayetville Mindboggle tournies the best.

It seems more organized and the tournaments end in a timely manner.

Keep up the excellent job Mega-Zangief. :tup:

50 cent is terrible. Candy Shop is just Magic Stick redone… worse. Just you get shot 9 times doesn’t mean you can rap. Just listening to him makes me feel like I’ve been shot 9 times.


I saw the “good work Cajunstrike” statement and then it ended. I noticed you edited it and then put in that quote preceeded by what I put into the Thread title. Who I was supposed to think it was directed towards?

This respect talk shouldn’t really be brought up. Remember what happened at Stinemire’s place last week, the night and the following day? Who started started talking shit to whom? All I was doing was playing the game and having fun and saying “good match.” Out of the blue, you start talking shit to me. Constantly. While losing. Then you brought that shit into the restuarant too. C’mon man.

If you think I didn’t enjoy being there, being compensated for my work, or you making the tournament happen then you’re wrong. I did and I’ve told you I appreciated all of that times before.

You’re cool outside this game stuff. But when you talk about ego’s and showing respect, I think you might need to check yourself before pointing fingers.

Again, the finger is not pointed at you.

I talk shit to you because you can be the best of the best. I train hard, that was how it was done to me by my teacher. But people are different. That is the old time, this is the new.

And people might not be as close as I see them. Better to meet on the battlefield and just play and have a nice time is a point well taken.

Their will always be some one to train with.

Charlotte is gone …
Mega wants out…
and Orochi
is still trying.

ego is the shadow of hate, when will we all in some shape, form or fashion put it a way.

I am supporting the scene. That is all anybody can do at this point.

Okay then, a general statement. Whether or not true I still feel the purpose of saying so was because of the title I made. I’ve said my peace. If you want to hit me up and talk about anything feel free too.

Man, believe me, I’d rather be friends than someone who just plays games with someone else. It is hard sometimes when it’s such a great interest with so many people. Now feel free to give my game help if you like, I welcome that. But please don’t hate on the playstyle. I think you took that statement the wrong way.

Don’t get this wrong, your efforts are definately appreciated. A lot of people appreciate what you do, myself included.

No need to call, not that heavy. That is what it was from the jump. :tup: :tup:

True to the bone.

Word up then.

Never had heat.

Makoto and Ryu needs work.:slight_smile: You sure do post and edit fast?

I do it to.:slight_smile:

LOL - True, they always will. :tup:

And yes, we’re members of the fast edit post clan.

Well it is 1:11 A:M and the girl has called.Going out. Logging off.

And 50 cent still sucks.

Jigga what!?

50 cent does suck. :rolleyes: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

50 Cent sucks. My toe hurts. Where’s the vids?

Jive Out!