DurhamNC GamefrogTournament July 24, 2010 "Jaguar vs Hands" Results!

Thank you to everbody that came out!!! I had so much fun and all the matches were hard fought. Keep practing!!!


#1) Slick Rick

#2) XSamuriaX

#3) SaiSyu Kusanagi

Tekken 6

#1) Orochi Demo

#2) SaiSyu Kusanagi

#3) GhostFace

Nobody kept track of anything more than top 3? Damn, I wanted to see where my charlotte folks placed.

Match Videos

I have video of the SSF4 Grandfinal and loser’s final as well as the Tekken 6 final. I’ll post the link once i have all of them up in a hour or two.

The Tekken 6 grandfinal will probably be up sometime on Monday. I expect next tournament to have better coverage and probably higher quality video.


Great games guys. I feel like I learned a lot and I met a lot of the regulars. I look forward to more games!

Oh also, if you wanna play some SSF4 on Xbox of PSN sometimes or perhaps meet up for some regular matches all the people who live in the RDU area. Let me know.

Here are the Tekken 6 Grand final matches:

Good stuff everyone. Hope to see all of NC this weekend for Civil War II. We got that Super… plus 3S on cab.

Hey. Thanks for the vid uploads. I am the Dragunov/Lee player. But one thing. My name is SilentSymphony. Its the name I’ve gone by on TekkenZaibatsu for almost 10 years, I will be going premium here to reflect this as well.

But definite thanks for the vids.

Sorry about that Silent, I remember you telling me that name and that’s what I was originally calling you in the videos but I changed it after seeing the results from Saisyu Kusanagi. I’ve since changed the name to SilentSymphony.

Great Tekken matches though. Wish I could have gotten a few more rounds against you Orochi!

Thanks for the upload mamba. Good games to everyone, had a good time. See you guys at the next one!