DurhamNC GamefrogTournament June 5,2010"Summer Slugfest" Results! Finally!

Sorry about the long delay, registration for summer classes pulled me away for minute. Next Tournament is on June 26. Thanks to everybody that came out.

Super Street Fighter IV
#1)Slick Rick
#7)Priest/SaiSyu Kusanagi
#13)Alfonso/Kyra/Eric MC/Muay Thai/Zidiane/Shotty 101/Nestor

Tekken 6
#1)Orochi Demo
#2)SaiSyu Kusanagi
#3)Evan aka: Bruce Almighty

I guess i’m pointing out the obvious but you also got 7th at the last lucky’s tournament which I think was near the end of May, Saisyu. Kind of random for me to point it out and all but also cool and weird at the same time like the time I took a test and got an 88 and took a different test a week later in the same class and also got an 88 on that where it’s just like whoa. Can’t wait for the next tournament, already took off for it as you know lol. Hopefully the lock in will be confirmed within time. All I need is 14 days to take off work and get it off guaranteed but July isn’t for another month basically so I should be good.

Maybe 7 is my lucky number,hun? LOL!! Good stuff at the tournament, see you on June 26.

GGs and shit. I don’t wanna see Honda’s super ever again… I think i got hit by it like 12 times.

Speaking of which, are those videos from finals up yet anywhere?

Ed, good shit on running these. Hopefully I will still have money for the next one when it comes around.

Roski, good matches, I’d say stick with Sagat and don’t let a lose get you down, but if you gotta switch you gotta switch.

Rick, I’m looking forward to our rematch. You’re too consistent man. I’m gonna have to level up a bit if I wanna be able to show why that matchup is in my favor consistently.

Darklight, you were supposed to beat Honda for me in losers finals but you failed. You’re fired. Good matches :lol:

Blake, pick a better character. Wait you played akuma. Good shit.

good job rickeeen