Dust Off Your Start Buttons

because taunts might actually be good for something. :amazed:

There’s a few characters who can make use of some funky exploits related to Taunts and Taunt Cancels.

**Unique Taunts: **

Sakura, Chun, Psylocke, Rogue

You might know that these four have taunts that can hit at close range. You might not know that they cause Fierce hit caliber stun numbers. Also, you can cancel into Supers for all sorts of fun and games.


Not super-useful, but Gief’s taunt actually looks and sounds like his Mech mode change super, so you can use it to bait out things if you can train the opponent to try to punish it.

Taunt Cancels
War Machine
WM is the extreme example of useful Taunt Cancels. His Taunt is the fastest in the game at 23 frames, but his normals have some of the worst recovery. For example, his s.HK hits relatively fast at 8 frames, but stays out for ~33 more frames. But, if you Taunt Cancel s.HK right as it hits/is blocked you can shave off up to 10 frames of recovery animation. His cr.MK, cr.HK, and s.HP can all be TC’ed for quicker recovery time as well.

It lets him play some interesting reset games bc when you TC s.HK you recover quick enough to pull off dash under relaunch. He also gets to pull of ground block pressure strings more effectively.


Psylocke deserves a mention here because she can Taunt cancel during her f+HK overhead which is unique because afaik she’s the only character who can TC a special normal, and the fact that she’s actually airborne before the TC because of how the HK animates (the hop).

Multi-hit Moves

BB Hood, Spiral, Zangief

Certain characters can benefit by TC’ing their multi-hit moves in order to save some recovery time. BB Hood can TC her s/cr.HP gun to leave her less vulnerable if it’s blocked.

Spiral can TC s.HP after 1 hit to create a ‘new’ normal that pokes from mid range and doesn’t push her back like the original HP does.

Zangief can TC s.HK at first hit in order to take advantage of the move’s quick start-up and at the same time prevent himself from being pushed back as far.

There’s some more interesting things to be found, so help me out.

isnt jin’s taunt an infinite?


yeah psylocke taunt is a cross up in the corner against ppl coming in. --> into qcfkk.

with sent i do cr.hp --> taunt instead of fly unfly if i’m lazy, it’s pretty much just as safe unless you’re playing really good people.

You’re forgetting Rogue.

Jins taunt inf is the one where you mash it and he does the burning towel juggle.
Not practical.
its on preppys site btw.

jin 002

holy crap, i didn’t know you can taunt cancel the u+hk with psylocke… omgz, amazing.

Dans taunt builds meter. No, but really.

^ So does BB Hood iirc

bombs over baghdad

Heh, try using Magnus’s taunts for ghetto force field baits…I do it, and it’s funny as hell…

I’ve actually been experimenting this type ov stuff with Doom…but with minimal results…

lol @ icemans taunt “yeh”

How fast do you have to input that taunt on jin? I press the punch buttons as fast as I can but he stops about mid-way.

I don’t have a game to try it out, but i remember a friend once playing dan, and he would jump around doing his AIR Taunt to build meter(if it did.) if not then it just looks funny. lol.

anyway if it does then that would be an interesting little trick to make your friends laugh.

Just play him with Sent/cap that way if he gets killed you can still win the match.

nicely done.
i thought i was the only one who knew about taught cancel.
people were insulted when i taunted them sometimes.
i didnt want to tell them about this…
but yeah. makes you look cool too :smiley:

i’m pretty sure all taunts give meter actually.:razz:

but ihave a question: Do the offensive taunts(Rogue, Psy, etc.) have priority ov all normals? IE: Sentinel Stomp

No. Which is why I was just about to post that taunt techniques are wholly impractical. Chun Li even has a combo where she can cancel her taunt into her qcf+PP super in the corner but that’s as useless as it sounds. You might as well try to combo into it using her fireball and supercanceling it, which is suicide without a proper assist.

make a video with taunts and ill be interested. i just taught when im winning cause it makes people mad and frustrated and play worse. ask magnetro

Taunts that build more than a pixel of meter are rarities.

Dan, BB Hood get meter. Psy gets a tiny bit if you hit with her taunt, I’d imagine Rogue/Chun do as well, but i don’t feel like testing.