DustBowl 7 : Syracuse NY June 8, 2013 $250 pot bonus and Qualifier for THE FALL CLASSIC


After another great tournament Upstate and Cloud City Comics presents Dustbowl 7 with a $100 pot bonus for UMVC3
and the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us. With EVO 2k13 right around the corner its time to get ready to level up
and body the comp.

Venue Fee: $10
spectator fee: $5
Tournament Entry: $10 dollars to enter each game

Location: Cloud City Comics & Toys
3649 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse NY
(315) 449-0016

Sign Ups begin at 11 am and will end at 2 pm
All brackets will be on Challonge.com

Stream: Team Bifuteki


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: $100 pot bonus
:best of 5 for the whole tournament
:winner keeps team , order and assist
:loser can change any of these
:pay out 70/20/10

Street Fighter AE2012 $100 pot bonus
: best of 3 up till winners/losers/ and grand finals
: best of 5 for wiiners/ losers/ and grand finals
: Winner keeps characters and ultra
: Loser can change both
: Pay out 70/20/10

Injustice: Gods Among Us
: best of 5 for whole tournament
: Winner keeps character
: Loser can change character
: Loser can change stage
: 70/20/10

Street Fighter X tekken
: Best of 3 up till to winners/ losers/ grand finals
: Best of 5 winners/ losers/ grand finals
: Default evo gems
: winner keeps character and order of team
: Loser can change both
: 70/20/10

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
: Best of 5 for whole tournament
: Random stage select
: Winner keeps team and order
: loser can change both
: 70/20/10

Smash brothers will be run by Kid Goggles

Contact info


Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment
Rochester, New York -- "That is a white ass menu..."
New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)
Central PA thread (Harrisburg,York,Lancaster,other centralish areas)
Pittsburgh: We got balls for days!
Any players in the Utica Area?
Buffalo, NY- We drink tears as liquid refreshment
Rochester, New York -- "That is a white ass menu..."

What’s the date for this?


June 8th


I might come hang out. Will there be casuals?




I will have stations set aside for casuals


Which console?


Ps3 and xbox 360
I wanna make it good for the players


There will also be a Syracuse vs ? 5v5 in AE


Can’t wait to see everyone


IN AE, why is the winner required to use the same ultra? If a person wins, and then gets counter picked, the winners ultra may not be useful in anyway in the upcoming match.

Look at the following scenario:

Chun Li vs Honda. Chun li will use U1 in this match, and probably win
Chun Li vs Viper. If Chun li has U1 in this match shes almost guaranteed to lose, moreso than usual.

I dont understand the requirement of having the winner keep the ultra. ultras are matchup dependent.

EDIT: This was dealt with, and now the rules reflect the EVO rules. Thanks!


Yep yep


Big ups to Past Time Legends video game store for joining up as a sponsor for Dustbowl they are adding a 100 pot bonus to Street Fighter AE for first place


Awesome we have pot bonuses for marvel AE and InJustice at Dustbowl :slight_smile: and other prizes from our sponsors :slight_smile:

$100 for first place :UMVC3
$100 for first place: AE2012
$50 for first place: injustice


Buffalo will be bringing some people for SSF4, TTT2, and of course MAHVEL.


Cant wait to see my family again!


Cant wait! i just need to find bus directions…lol


from where?


from Fulton, NY