DUSTBOWL II Jan 7th results Syracuse NY

Top 3

  1. Polish Mafia
  2. Kazz
  3. Landon

AE: 2012
Top 3

  1. Jug
  2. Gene
  3. Pe meng

KOF 13
Top 2

  1. Eltro
  2. CMonster

3rd Strike
Top 2

  1. China John
  2. Eric Huang

I wanna thank everyone for showing up and giving support…
Yes I know it wasnt the best ran tourney and mistakes were made… But it all worked out… U guys are the best.
Best part about the tourney was the sportsmanship. No salt shakers passed around. Great turn out great people
Albany , Rochester, Buffalo, love u all…

MVP goes out to china John for being jack of all trades in every game he played yesterday

Next DustBowl will be bigger and better … Thank u all once again
Hmm maybe a spooky stream next one??


have SCV there and i will show every time.

I’m with ChaCha on that SC5 hype. Was too rusty when we played SC4 ChaCha but I’ll do better next time lol

My first real Marvel tourney. Had fun. GGs to Polish, I need to learn that Strange matchup. Got blown up those 2 games cause of it lol Next time man.

What did I say about Marvel? Rochester couldn’t handle Syracuse I didn’t even play in the tournament and we got two Syracuse players in the top 3 and no Rochester. Albany is clearly stronger than Rochester now too. Shout outs to Kazz who I was suppose to play first round but I had to leave due to family obligations, thanks for putting Rochester on blast in my place. too bad I never got to play you.

Welp our strongest Marvel players decided to go to a major instead that weekend, and several of our players had last minute emergencies preventing them from attending.

If you’d like to come out to Rochester next weekend for our local, I would be happy to play whoever you deem your best players in money matches.

post full results make me feel better for 4th place in AE lol. GGs to all i played in casuals in AE and everyone I played in tournament for AE and KOF. Shoutouts to DeAngelo for bringing the hype, and damus for placing me in the AE bracket 2xs. Good shits to Polish for running it back against Kazz. I also enjoyed the venue you guys had for this. Ill def be back for another one in the future.

Sup guys… This is Gene. Had a great time yesterday. Can’t believe there was a tourney that I didn’t have to drive about 4 hours to attend!

I have one request if possible. My loser’s final match (Blanka vs Adon)… was there someone in the crowd recording that? If so, I’d be forever grateful if it was posted somewhere.

Anyway, hope to see you guys again at another event!

Shoutouts to Dave for having the answer I didn’t, good shit man.

Shoutouts to Jug for an extremely close match that I should’ve reacted better to.

Shoutouts to everyone who ended up coming wherever from, tourny was fun and everyone seemed pretty chill in general.

and finally, a special shoutout to my name, for always getting mispelled even in tourny brackets where I write down my name on a piece of paper, even you guys make me feel like I should change my tag.

Wish more people would have showed up… But they prolly kicking themselves for going to a shitty major and getting blown up by smash players :slight_smile:

Well im kicking myself for going since the event was ass. I lost to unknown and Reyrey though, and played dire in round one, so I got my money’s worth lol.

Haha I’m glad everyone had fun!!!

Well, I don’t see how I could be mad since 1. I’m a smash player and 2. I got evo seeding points.

U are a smash of course it’s all right with u… It’s a smash event… Marvel and AE got pissed on … They got treated like dirt

Not true.

Its the first time they tried to do something this big and ambitious with the tournament so there were some hiccups with the set up and organization. You weren’t there so you really can’t really have an opinion either way so its not reallyy fair of you to judge. That’s being said, there’s a lot to improve on. And based on this series’ history, most of the problems at this tourney will be rectified at the next apex

I’ma hold you to that man. I am coming to own ALL of Upstate in SCV, someone better try and stop me from getting all that money. I will be at every tournament :slight_smile:

start practicing.

damus: haha really cha cha??? i dont think so brother man … im going to put in some time with this game and own you boss

not even a chance of you doing that zts, but i welcome the challenge.

Goggles, there was a LOT wrong with Apex, so much so that they lost me somewhere between registration and re-re-rewriting the bracket that was lost from the laptop dying, to handwritten papers, to another laptop, and I wasn’t even put into the bracket… happened to about a dozen players. Got a refund but that was all. It was not ok.

:eek: Shoutoutz to Devlin! Shoutouts to Devlin getting shoutedout by MastaCJ! :smiley: