DustBowl V: UMVC3, AE2012, TTT2, Smash Brothers Nov 3rd Syracuse NY

Just wanna say thank u to everyone who showed up… it was a bumpy tournament but glad people had fun and enjoyed themselves. Shout outs to Albany , Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Canada, and NYC for showing up!

UMVC3: 40 entrants

  1. PolishMafia (Syracuse )(curleh Mustache invite)
  2. Ryan Toner (Buffalo) (curleh Mustache invite)
  3. Josh99 (Utica)(curleh Mustache invite )
  4. TWK (buffalo) (curleh Mustache invite)
  5. Damus (Syracuse) (curleh Mustache invite)

AE2012: 32 entrants

  1. JUG (Buffalo) (remains undefeated at Dustbowl tournaments )
  2. CMonster (Albany)
  3. Ladon ( Syracuse???)

Tekken Tag Tournament II: 24 entrants

  1. OFDP? (Cortland)
  2. ZTS (syracuse)
  3. Cha Cha ( Buffalo )
    4.PolishMafia (Syracuse)
    5.Damus (Syracuse)
  4. Renikon ( NYC)

Smash Bros: 28 entrants

  1. K.I.D Goggles (Rochester)
  2. Pika Pika (Rochester)

Ft10 Money match between Goggles and Damus
final score was 10-0

This tournament was rough and had alot of problems and i take all of the blame… but like i said im happy that everyone came out and had fun … i wanna Thank Goggles for introducing Smash and taking care of that portion of the tournament. Great job to Buffalo for winning AE and placing 2nd in marvel and 3 in tekken … they came out to play… Great job to PolishMafia and Ryan Toner for a great marvel finals

MVPs of the tournament : Josh99 for his awesome marvel play and Cha Cha for his Christy and P. Jack play .

Thank you Everyone! the next one will be better please if anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to make the next one better hit me up!