Dustloop Account Suspended? What?

What’s going on here? Something about contacting the billing department?

Either I’m banned (which never happens), or someone couldn’t afford to pay for the forums on time?

Yo, we were all talking about it in Netplayer General. What in the heck did you do, Blade?

It was down earlier today. It seems to be up now.

Stay blade-like blade.

Dustloop is offline again.
It was using too much CPU so their host took it offline until they can fix that.

they been down a lot lately thanks for the news.

Does anyone have an email address for the DL owner?

It was online briefly yesterday, but then fell down again somehow. The error I get when I go has waffled between “server not found” and “server is too busy” so I’m guessing they’re trying.

I saw it yesterday, too. Although when I clicked on my Profile it spent around 2 Minutes loading, then crashed again.

I bet it was Nini’s Tears or something drowning the CPU

I haven’t had any problems lately.

All the salt seems to be slowing down the servers there.