Dustloop forums help


original post: “I tried to make an account on dustloop and it wont let me make one because it says i have an open proxy and that its used for spamming the site sometimes. i did evrything i could to fix it but i still cant make my account does anyone know a moderator or admin from that site that can help me?”

quote from BlueFlamingo “I don’t think this is remotely the right place to be asking about registering for another forum imo. PM the admin to that website to get your stuff figured out.”

@BlueFlamingo: obviously you must not have read the post… i cant register on the site, so if i cant register on the site that would mean i dont have an account. therefore making it impossible to send a pm on the site on which i have no account and am not registered.

i knew there were members from the dustloop forums on SRK so i was asking one of them to help me get into contact with an admin or moderator from the dustloop forums that could help me.


This will end well for you.

Send the Dustloop guys an email.


Tsk tsk.
You know what’s gonna happen now, right?
On the bright side, it’ll probably only be temporary

Sure about that?


Let’s make this simple shall we OP? BlueFlamingo is gonna close this thread (because it’s not necessary) so next time ask in the official Blazblue thread or email the mods over at DL, salright? salright :tup:


i submitted a pm to a DL admin over a week about registration problems and i still haven’t had an e-mail back. (if you try to register and it comes up with an error you can click to send an admin a PM.)


it didnt give me that option


i emailed them 3 times and got no response for over 2 weeks… emailing them won’t help


Though I agree this isn’t really the place for this kind of thing, I can say that I had the same problem. Try registering on a different computer. It worked for me.


different computer or different internet?


Making a duplicate thread after yours gets closed is not only a bad idea but it’s against forum rules.

To summarize for anyone else that wants immediate help -

If you want instant help join IRC.EFNET.NET and enter #blazblue. That will get you real time help from the people you want to talk to. I can’t explain why an admin is not responding to PMs/e-mails from you guys I have no connection with that website.