Dustloop registering problems?

Um… not sure if this is the appropriate place to do it (I’ve read the rules and I know I’m not suppose to make threads like this), but I can’t seem to think of any other way to possibly reach out to the community out there.

So, I’m trying to register over at DUSTLOOP (especially since the new Blazblue is coming out and I’ll need access to the beginner’s resources), but for some obscure reason, every time I try, it tells me my e-mail has been banned…

Which kind of doesn’t make sense since I have never actually registered for the site.

(in fact, I made another e-mail just to see if I could get around the thing, but the new e-mail address was strangely banned as well)

So, uh, yes… help on this issue would be appreciated.

Sorry for taking up people’s time.


My friend has the same problem but I don’t for some reason, I contacted spirit Juice about it to see what he he has to say.

Contact Us - Dustloop Forums

Yeah, I did that, but that was quite some time ago; I was thinking that it might be having some trouble too, so maybe the best way would be to get in contact with someone who is already registered and then have them contact a mod via a private message.

In any event, thanks for contacting someone RoGE9

Certain e-mail domains are banned because of bots.

Oh, okay…

I have a Yahoo account; I’ll try using that to register…



In any event, yes… I do need to bring up this issue over at the boards; I didn’t even know that all hotmail accounts were banned.

ANYWAY, thanks to everyone who gave a quick reply.

I think they banned Aol/Aim also. I tried registering with my aim account. It won’t go though.
I use gmail. And I’m in.