Dusty future

When the last tear drop from an innocent child has fallen to the dark floor of war.
When the final Family has lost their father’s son’s daughter’s sisters and brothers. When the pain and sorrow of this world is lost in the chaoticness of a great evil. When a blackness so complete that it covers the world in a second darkness and fills our dreams with terror. Then will we finally see that all we have fought for has been meaningless. Will we finally see that we are destroying the very thing we have given our very lives for.

Will we see that race, color, gender, creed are all nothing. That the only thing that is important in this life, is that fact that we are all human and all have the right to love and be loved? When will we see that where we come form, where we’ve grown up, does not make us any better then any one else. Will we see that people who have devoted their entire life to peace are greater than those whom seek to destroy this dying world?

We march forward today to our own destruction. We do it knowingly and with ignorance. We desire nothing but wealth and hate those who’ve achieved it. Are we then any better then the animals we cage? Is it then fair to say, that we our self’s are animals? We are a creature capable of creating such beauty, yet we use our greatest tool, our brains, to conjure destructive weapons. I see our tomorrow, it is a day and age so black that our children only dream of seeing the sun light. and the old ones cry for their grandchildren. Unless we begin to build the dream of one Martin Luther king, we will forever be lost in the evils that control this worold, chaos of hatred, greed, lust, envy and pride.

First off, overall I liked it. I know it’s just the idealist in me but it seems to me that without idealism there are many things that would never come to pass because it just seems too far fetched. If we never strive for something because it seems unreachable then we are simply ensuring that it isn’t.

Secondly, only because I am a walking contradiction who can argue both sides to my death…

We are, in fact animals. What we conceive as free will is littered with primal urges to commit what many would consider “evil”. Some would say that overall these urges have been beneficial to our species as a whole and honestly I can’t say I wholly disagree.

PS: When reading this I kept thinking of the song nema by Tool. Sometimes I think about how important us humans think we are and about how the Earth wouldn’t give a shit if we all disappeared.

PSS: Sorry if I rambled I’ve had a few beers tonight…

thanks for the reply. I just have to say, for the most part, i was ranting. You ever get one of those times where you just start writing something, just to write it? I truly believe that when i wrote this i had too many movies and way to many thoughts of dark “futures” we could possibly have.

I strongly agree with Martin luthar kings idea, that we as a people, need to unite and build for a better tomorrow, rather than judge and hurt others for any other reason besides their own actions. Its wrong to judge someone because of race, or weither or not they came from a good family or a rich family.

Look at Louis Armstrong, he grew up in a whore house, and had nothing but a shitty life, yet he came up with “what a wonderful world”. I know I am rambling, but … actually nvm idk wtf im going on about.

thanks for the response