Dusty Knuckle Saloon V4 September 8th 2018 at Ifix machine in Brooklyn NY (MVC2 , Rumble Fish 2 , Ehrgeiz)


Business is about to pick up as DJ BeAsT and I Fix Machine present Dusty Knuckle Saloon 4: The New Challengers! This might be the hypest Dusty yet as both Marvel vs Capcom 2 AND Ehrgeiz make their DKS debut! And if that wasn’t enough, Rumble Fish 2 is back!

I FIx Machine
132 32nd St Ste 114
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 499-4810
I Fix Machine Arcade Brooklyn IFM

Venue: $10 day pass
Entry: $5 each game

2 out of 3 games
2 out of 3 rounds
Double Elimination
Bring your own controller
No exploiting any glitches

Sign ups/casuals: 2pm
Tournament/stream: 7pm


70/20/10 split

Marvel VS Capcom 2 Will be played on dreamcast
Ehrgeiz & Rumble Fish 2 will be played on the sega versus city candy cabinets with all characters unlocked and playable


Update… TS Sabin will be streaming dusty knuckle saloon v4 and we’ll have matcherino crowd funding for marvel vs Capcom 2