Dusty Knuckle Saloon V5 (Hyper SF2 anniversary , Marvel vs capcom 2 , Bloody roar) 10/27/19 Brooklyn NY


Dusty Knuckle Saloon enters the next fray at ifix machine featuring The following games

Street Fighter 2 Hyper Anniversary (Arcade)
Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)
Beastorizer/Bloody Roar (Arcade/PS1)

Tournament details
Hyper Street Fighter 2 Anniversary & Bloody Roar / Beastorizer will run best 2/3 with grand finals running 3/5

Marvel VS Capcom 2 will run best 3/5 with grand finals being best 5/7

Stream will be hosted at

I fix machine
132 32nd Street suite 114
Brooklyn NY 11232

Venue fee 10$
Tournament fee 5$ per game
Pot split 70/20/10

For marvel vs Capcom 2 and bloody Roar we encourage people to bring their own fight sticks compatible with ps1 and Sega dreamcast

Tournament info

Casual play 3pm
Bloody Roar time start 7pm
Street fighter 2 hyper anniversary 8pm
Marvel VS Capcom 2 9pm