dvd brand

Which dvd brand is best when burning ps2 games?

Taiyo Yuden

and not one person will tell you otherwise

Those maxells I used worked pretty good for my friends with modded ps2s.

Yeah TY is looked upon as the best brand universally with everything, not just gaming related stuff.

Top-Tier media brand and cheap too.

i use verbatims and ty. i have no problems with either. people recommend to burn at the slowest speed and thats exactly what i do. sometimes its not that the media is fucked up but the laser on the ps2 is going sour. the dvd part of the laser usually burns out first.

So is Yaiyo Yuden or Verbatim better?


And is dvd+r or dvd-r better?

Where exactly can you get Taiyo Yuden discs? Are they available in common retail stores?

2. dvd-r does less wear and can be read better(supposedly)
3.no, online only

taiyo yuden = RITEK = if left alone in optical drive for some time you’re fucked (I’m not kidding either)