DVD Burning


I just want to know about some about burning DVD’s, what speed is good??

I have those Memorex DVD-R at target for like $10. the one’s you could write on it

I burned both of my movies on to DVD-R in imgburn at AWX (MAX) is that good??

The 2nd Movie dosen’t play on my PS2 (Unable to Read Disc) The Previews play…but not the Main Movie

It plays in my DVD player ok

I use DVD shrink to make a ISO of the DVD

But now I might start using imgburn or DVDDecrypter is upload ISO’s on my HD

For DVD Playback - PS2, PS3, X360, Xbox


i think this kind of talk is banned from tech talk…lol…google is your friend though :wink:


Not even for my own DVD collection :frowning: ohh nuts…thanks anyways


see, the problem with backing up even your own DVD collection is that you have to circumvent the DVD security features.


Well I just bought Michael Jackson “Vision” on DVD…I’m planning just burn a DVD copys so I don’t need to use the origanal disc’s