DVD Burning

I tried burning a couple of movies for my parents and the DVDs would only play on my PC. I tried using DVD+Rs and DVD-Rs both, but as I know nothing about DVD burning at all, I don’t know what to do. What format do they have to be in/what could I possibly be doing wrong? When I put them into a DVD player, it gives some unreadable error; I’ll have to check tomorrow what the exact message is. On my personal DVD player, they just do nothing.

I have a shit load of movies on my PC and I keep them on a separate HD (500GB, nearly full), but never thought to burn them since I had so many. Any ideas?

the movies you have already are in what format?
are you just burning the files?
if its avi you have to convert them to a dvd image and burn it

for starters heres the best place to learn

dvdfab platinum does it all for me.

Thanks very much for the help.

also personally i’ve used nero vision since it…well gets the job done it sucks and the chapter functions blow but whatever as long as it burns a movie.

avi2dvd ive had worse problems with, its really tricky, sensitive and on occasion wont listen (creates an image larger then 4.7 gb)
so i just use nero

yes what he said. time for you to study.